Sirius film: A short review

My review can be summed up in ten little words:

“If only they had just left the little fellow out.”

Yeah. The little guy, 6 inches long, that we learned, after a prolonged build-up ending with a dense scientific soliquy, appears to be “human” after all. Male. But so tiny! And apparently full-grown? Diseased? Or should we shift gears and say “humanoid,” which maintains the original ambiguity. But of course, “many questions remain.”

I have a feeling that the timing of the completion and release of the film, plus the “sensationalist” p.r. they needed to promote it, interacted with the just-in-time results of the final results of the DNA tests to guarantee, despite the film’s build-up, that we would be disappointed. I imagine Greer was, too. It would have been so nice if we could get our hands on one, just one 3D body as “scientific” proof of ET!

At least for those who still look to scientism as the one true religion.

Do you? Not me!

And see huffpost’s Lee Spiegel, who was likewise disappointed.

Otherwise, a great film, educational, dense, fast-paced, beautifully produced, endlessly interesting, despite its two-hour length. Especially loved the narrator’s gravelly voice.


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