My son Colin recommends this video

Just in, via email, from Colin Cudmore.

See This Video of Ancient Artifacts and Change Your Life

All I can say is it must be really good, or he wouldn’t have watched it all the way through, so busy are he and his partners with their Garden Tower Project, now exploding into the consciousness of those who need to grow food and can’t do it in the ground where they live, or want to grow food in a tiny space quickly, or can no longer bend down, or want to compost in place, etc. etc.

Yesterday, before the book event, I attended their catered lunch event, in the new outdoor room at Bloomingfoods (our local food coop in business since the early ’70s), where Colin, Joel and Tom presented towers to the 40 or so local people who got them as part of their sponsorship during the recent kickstarter campaign. Fun. Great food, some of it gluten-free. Thanks, Christie!

Hopefully, after our seed planting event today, I can watch the video.


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