Ever wonder why we haven’t blown ourselves up already?

On the Eve of both Steven Greer’s (April 22) and Stephen Bassett’s (April 29-May 3) historic Disclosure events, this unusually comprehensive article may be appropriate. I used to think it was “divine intervention” that has stopped us from accidentally or deliberately blowing ourselves up; then I learned it was ETs! Obviously, something has prevented it. Otherwise, with so many arrogant, hot-headed leaders, so many bumbling technicians, and so many many many thousands of aging nuclear missiles primed for lift off for well on 60 years now, why hasn’t armageddon already detonated? ETs, that’s why.

And what does that mean? Think about it.

UFOs deactivate nuclear missiles around the world


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  1. fedupyours says:

    How very true Ann, reminds myself of Australian inventor Henry Dohan, George Adamski and a book by David R Kammerer titled “Pawn of His Creator”. Yes indeed no doubt as “Military” whistleblowers have testified at National Press Club and Dr Steven Greer 2001 May Disclosure Project and about nuclear missles been shut down and deactivated and Governments even warned by Extra Terrestrials of the dangers to our selves and them also. But naturally BIG Buisness special interests will have none of this so they continue to use outdated nuclear power plants for energy and hassardous waste products dumped illegally anywhere, coal, oil and fossil fuels and the depletion of ionsphere and protective magnetosphere and osone from many decades of land and sea nuclear testing and Chernoby and Fukushima disasters. JFK was assisinated for many reasons by these special interest corrupt and greedy near-sighted fools for going against the grain of corporations and other reasons. He was the only President then and now not controlled by the Cabal show covernment puppeteers. Theyve got their deep underground D.U.M.B bases and cities to scatter away to like the parasitical nightcrawlers they are and implement an agenda 21 or alternative 3 for the rest of us.

    NO evolution of the scinces-spiritual kind for humanity once again after many nuclear wars of ancients past. No freeing up the planet the enviroment, animal kingdom and populaces from exploitation of labour, taxes,poverty, disease, sex-slavery women-me-children, drug trafficking and wars “The Iron Mountain” report to keep the fat-cats consuming more power more wealth from war profits instigated behind-scenes to pepetuate more false-flag terror and propoganda to keep the masses afraid and confused. The Military Industrial Complex and her Privatised Corporate owners are using and abusing technologies against enemies and their own civilians in order to maintain global control and domination power and amass all the wealth while destoying all life as we know it in the process because they believe in order out of chaos and the means justify the ends no matter the cost and countless murder-suicides of many good, bad and innocents.

    As the saying goes about First Rule of assasination – kill the assasins but what about our neighbours on Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and our very own souls?
    What about Earth? Do TPTB really think they can just destroy this planet and toss her over their shoulder like a crushed beer can and relocate to Mars and it’ll all just be alright?

    Damn when it comes to humanity the more things change the more things stay the same.

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