Astrology, April 20th on into May: we begin to ease out of Aries into Taurus . . .

April 20 transits

Here we are, on the final day of the 12-day “disruptive, defining” period of time that I identified in my last astrological post.

On this final day, Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 9° Aries, so expect the unexpected, in terms of all sorts of news, whether in your personal life or in the media, both MSM and alternative. Time to break out of all those conceptual boxes that have held us imprisoned for so long, and Uranus is like a lightning strike, sizzling through air-tight walls.

The Sun, while still conjuncting Mars at 29° Aries has just moved from feisty, warlike Aries into the calm, grounded domain of 0° Taurus. Venus, at 6° Taurus, is about to lead those planets that made up the stellium, then in Aries, now into Taurus, and between now and the end of April, they will all meet up with a judge, stern Saturn at 8° Scorpio, sitting directly across from each one in the chart and demanding an accounting. Planets in opposition offer perspective. And let’s hope that after the pell-mell events (Boston, ricin, Texas) that left us reeling in shock and horror — events most likely staged to divert our attention from god knows what else going on behind the scenes, and meanwhile showing “the authorities” just how sheep-like we still are — that more of us begin to wake up to how we have been and continue to be, conned.

Speaking of Uranus/Mercury punching through old conceptual boxes: The Steven Greer (May 22) and Steven Bassett (starting May 29-June 3) events promise much re: possible ET/UFO disclosure. Let’s hope the big theatrical event in Boston involving human sacrifice and a cast of thousands didn’t steal the thunder from these events — if you recall, 9/11 eclipsed Steven Greer’s original press conference, in 2011 — because in the long run, what really matters is to recognize that we are all citizens of the cosmos, not just of so-called nation-states on planet Earth.

Meanwhile, however, there are eclipses coming up, and of course, the ongoing (2012-2015), (revolutionary( Uranus square (primal, death-and-rebirth) Pluto aspect will make its next exact contact on May 21, 2013, this time at 11°14 Aries/Capricorn. Pay close attention to defining events, especially in financial matters, I suspect, during the two weeks surrounding this contact.

Meanwhile, time to get out in the garden!

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