“Boston,” “ricin,” “West, Texas” — all connected? Just say NO.

heart-roses1While checking out this kind of headline and the photos that accompany it:

The Epic, Crazy, Horrifying, Ongoing Story Of The Boston Marathon Bombers

. . . let’s not forget that whoever “did” this may have been mind-controlled,


“There’s a Strong Consensus He Was Pretty Normal,”


Proof of Bombers Programmed by CIA Revealed in Declassified Documents

Remember: this developing horror called “Boston,” along with the side bars of “ricin” and “West, Texas,” may be part of a grand nasty controlled narrative to ramp up fear, and thus make sheeple beg for “security” — the locked-down police state.

This is the first time they’ve put a whole American city on hold. Wow, they’re getting more and more brazen.

Pay attention, and then let it go. It is not your life, not your narrative.

The universe is brimming with infinite possibilities.

Which narrative do we choose. Each of us. The one that flows through us from within? The endless ocean called Love that forms and fuels the entire universe?

Or the boring, mechanical, clanking, narrative that presses on us from outside and tries to funnel brilliant imaginative generous heart-opened humans into the tiny, contracted conceptual cage called FEAR.

Just. Say. No. No to fear.


About Ann Kreilkamp

PhD Philosophy, 1972. Rogue philosopher ever since.
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  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    The link to the “Declassified Documents” article just takes me to Gmail sign-ing page.

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