Boston Bombing Nightmare: James Corbett’s FBI Backgrounder to this week’s Military Overkill

I know that it’s hard to wrap our minds around what seems to be going on in Boston, but we need to begin to do it. Can you imagine? 9000 troops in the Boston area? 20 blocks of Watertown searched, door to door, so far? A firefight involving 200 rounds and explosives there last night? (Those two facts on NPR). Corbett: “History shows that the FBI is the prime suspect in any terrorist incident that takes place on American soil.”

And now I see that they think they have the one remaining supposed suspect “pinned.” Over course they must kill him. Just like with the Kennedy assasination, those responsible for this do not want a trial. Kill both of the suspects, and “case closed.” We go on. We try to forget. It’s time we remember.

Police State Overkill Leads to Martial Law in Boston Met Area

April 19, 2013

21st Century Wire says… As literally thousands of police and military-style personnel descend on Watertown today, in an attempt to apprehend one suspect to the Boston Bombings. This massive have told resident by authorities that these thousands of militarized police “will not leave the area until it is safe”. This by definition, is Martial Law. According to WBZ radio in Boston, the following are all happening today:

– Up to 9,000 law enforcement personnel are in Boston presently, to apprehend one suspect

– Dozens of SWAT Teams have been deployed

– Multiple bomb squads in play making ‘controlled detonations’ of suspect packages

– Teams of sniffer dogs have been deployed for house to house searches in the wider urban area

– Public transport has been shut down until further notice

– Use of Taxis restricted

– Access to hospital facilities have been restricted

– Banks are closed

– Major professional and sporting events all canceled

– Police have commandeered areas of town as staging areas

– Tanks have been deployed to Watertown as part of the police’s operation

The amount of resources amounts to the equivalent of forces currently on rotation duty in the city of Bagdad, Iraq.

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