UFOs: Get those (night vision) goggles out, find the nearest dark sky (if possible), and go!

Why “night vision goggles”? Here’s why:

Night vision goggles show UFOs?

This just in, sent to her UFO list, from Joan Bird, my fellow ufo buff and author of new book, Montana UFOs.

“Lee Speigel did another great UFO article, this time on UFO Hunting with a bunch of videos you can watch to become familiar with objects commonly reported as UFOs that are actually identifiable. It’s an excellent short course in identification which includes some good footage of still unexplained videos.

“I think I already mentioned that Marc D’antonio, the photo and video expert for MUFON, gave a great talk at the UFO Congress this year to help us all get better at discernment. It’s still the case that the huge majority of reported UFOs are not ET spacecraft. And yet, in spite of that, it does seem that genuine sighting reports are increasing.

“May we all become sophisticated skywatchers!”

Looking For UFOs? Try These Techniques To Prepare For A Close Encounter

A.K. again: I just googled “UFO sightings map” and came up with this one —


— taken from a site that I may pursue further:


Meanwhile, what do you think those folks in the sky see when they look at us at night? Might they crave a MacDonald’s hamburger? Check this out: the distance to the nearest MacDonalds in the contiguous U.S.


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