Department of Paradox: Digging beauty from despair

Last night I attended a free performance of Verdi’s Requiem (150 singers, four soloists, another hundred in the orchestra, all on stage!) put on by Indiana University’s Music School.

Of course, requiems are all about death and despair, and beseeching big daddy god in the sky for mercy. It struck me, while listening in open-mouthed rapture, how so much beauty can emerge from religious mind-control.

Likewise here, from Jackie Evancho, a beautiful little girl with the startling voice of a mature woman, singing: “To believe.” So much beauty arising out of our need to be saved from our own lower impulses that have wreaked so much havoc for so many thousands of years.

Time to save ourselves, eh?

This performance, viewed millions of times, by triggering tears, dissolves religious dogma to reveal our humanity.

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