Macro to micro dynamics of Buddhist wisdom re: love and hate

images-1This piece is a short introduction to the not-just-Buddhist idea that everything, at every level, mirrors everything else. In short: you are what you love, and . . . you are what you hate, whether that be an idea, attitude, person, institution or nation.

So, it helps to notice what it is you do “hate.” What are its (or his, or her) qualities. Rather than focusing on “the other,” turn your attention inward. Find these same qualities in yourself. This may take work! Especially, it may take humility! Then ask yourself to let these qualities go.

But . . . you’ll notice that these “defilements” cling; letting them go may take years. Years! Even then, you may periodically find remnants rising in the form of new “projections” upon whatever or whoever “out there” mirrors those parts of yourself that you still, still! — haven’t transformed into love.

Several times in my life I have “hated” a woman with whom I was involved in a nasty drama and who, once I stopped to notice, exhibited behavior just like what in me I seek to soften and dissolve. Their controlling, rigid, dogmatic attitudes drove me wild! Made me want to kill! Until I saw their behavior as a reflection of my own. The first time it took me two years to neutralize the fury I felt every time I saw her or thought about her. The second time took five long months. Hopefully, I’m progressing!

Look around you. Your automatic reactions to various aspects of your world signify still unconscious aspects of yourself that keep you embroiled in drama.

And on a national level, re: for example, our current imbroglio with North Korea. Check out this piece, part of a Kryon channeling.

Kryon’s Solution for North Korea

Nation-states have always fomented “hatred” for each other in order to promote their own egocentric agenda, using all sorts of lies tricks to cajole their publics into following along. Re: the current tragedy in Boston, check out James Corbett on the historical use of “false flags.”

And now, it appears that this nation may be turning on its own, blaming its own “right wing” citizens for the Boston Marathan Explosions, all to promote an ever encroaching police state where, rather than love, fear rules.

It’s time, obviously, to wake up to a larger comprehension of human dynamics, and its evolution, as transmitted by the Buddha and other wise ones.

The Duality of the Polarity of Love and the Historical Criminal Conspiracy

April 17, 2013

by Ethan Indigo Smith

Buddha described four aspects and stages to love. There is first love of self, then love for others, then love for the joy of others and finally love for all things in equanimity. This loving compassion can be understood through intimate relationships as well as the macrocosmic dynamics between nations.

The first stage, the love for self, and each following stage is a requirement before being able to ascend to the other levels of love. The love of self can actually be noted in the behavior of others. When they have love for self they automatically have love for others. People who have hatred towards others have innate, unaccepted and even unknown hate for themselves. When you have love for self you recognize that all people are very much like you, you now, or you at one time or another. We are all much more similar than different. Discrimination and prejudice is an example of not having love for self because, simply, you are what you hate. Just as people who have hatred for others based on skin color prove our similarities and that they must not like aspects of themselves, for only humans eyes see color the way we do.

Individuals who do not have love for the happiness of others are essentially held by tribal institutionalization to have the opinion, expressed or unexpressed, that those of “us’ in, whatever institutionalized sense the “us’ is, are somehow better than “them’ and more deserving of happiness. The notion someone somehow is more deserving of happiness than someone else, say in another institutional collective, is indicative of lacking the third stage of love.

Those custodians of nature and the environment often have obtained the access to the fourth aspect of love. People who realize we are all in this together have gained the fourth level of love. People who refuse to do wrong on behalf of the institutions have gained the fourth level.

The ability to ascend in the stages of love depends on the ability to refuse to accept institutional dogmatic propaganda which is most often lies upon lies so entrenched as to go unnoticed, lies which are normally perpetuated to benefit an oligarchical collective within a collective. When one is lacking love of any aspect or stage, it becomes easier to be misled.

When one is predisposed to love one can more easily see through lies and the historical criminal discrepancies which flood the world steering those lacking love. Historical criminal discrepancies can most easily be illustrated in times preceding war and in subjects related to war. Historical criminal discrepancies are lies which are propped up and upheld as truth by all those involved in the lie for the lie suits all their masquerades and all their other lies.

When you have love you can see the historical criminal discrepancy a mile away. Take the North Korea situation unfolding currently. Everybody is hyped up and pumped up on war because of the lies of war. The lies related to the reasoning for war work for the collectives and so they propagate it and yet the truth remains, creating historical criminal discrepancies. The lie works in North Korea to maintain a war state and keep individuals fearing outsiders instead of questioning the oligarchical collective in control. For North Korea the lies work to hold control in fear and hate. And in the U.S.A. the lie works for similarly shaped oligarchical collectives to further build up military spending. When you find love you can easily refuse and reject the historical criminal discrepancies institutions use to steer us with fears.

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