Boston Marathon Explosions: Turning tragedy into transformation

boston_expDifficult night sleeping. Awake from 12:30 to 4:00 AM. Tried to do tonglen meditation, but mind too skittery. Kept seeing the legs of athletes blown off. Kept feeling the anxiety in the collective. The fear, the confusion, the chaos. Neptune moves through Pisces: we are all awash in each other’s psyches.

Then, this morning, these two pieces. In different ways, they each help, by conveying the higher evolution of Neptune in Pisces: compassion, oneness, the reality that Love fills and fuels the universe. There is no separation.

That I focus on Neptune is no surprise. During yesterday’s blasts, Neptune was in focus, straddling the Descending point of the horizon. See Boston Marathon Blast chart.

Boston Globe: Confusion for marathoners leavened by kindness

David Wilcock: The Boston Marathon: Meditate for Peace

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