Boston Marathon Explosions: one event in controlled “terrorist” narrative?


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Update: 4/16/13: And see this, and this.

Within the first three hours of the bombing in Boston, just as the Sun began to conjunct Mars in the heavens — see:

Astrology: April 9-20 likely to be a disruptive, defining time-span

Paris Tosen, on facebook, weighed in:

Remember, at this stage of awareness, an event like "Boston" is a test for those awake to see if they can expose the truth and to counter the illusions. So this is not the time to accept the status quo. This is the time to flush out the truth and to question the status quo. It's a test. This one is simple, by the looks of it, but, you can expect events to escalate so... practice.

Thanks, Paris. Looks like we’re on it, flushing out salient details, many of which remind us of other terror-inducing events: According to reports:

• At 2:50 in the afternoon, a series of explosions (two, or three?) that killed two people outright and injured more than 120 rocked those standing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Tax Day, this year also Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts (third Monday in April), in the city where the original Tea Party took place.

• Aha! Finger the Tea Party? Apparently Wolf Blitzer did or oops, he did not do just that.

• A CNN analyst fingered “right wing extremists:”

• Bomb-sniffing dogs at start and finish lines. Spotters on roofs . . .

• According to Mike Adams and Alex Jones, this event popped up on same day as ‘controlled explosion’ drill by Boston bomb squad.

• A facebook page expressing condolence for victims of the Boston Marathon Explosions had been set up for it two days ago (now down). I saw screenshots of this new fb page by two different people on fb. And no can no longer find even those screenshots . . .

• The final mile of the race had been dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre. Relatives of the victims were seated at the finish line (though uninjured).

• A “Saudi Muslim” person-of-interest to the police is under guard at a Boston hospital.

All familiar markers of a false-flag event — plus, the clever “narrative thread” linking Boston to Newtown Connecticut to New York via this bombing, Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy. Just when we start to relax, there it comes again. Whammo, another fear-inducing nightmare. To what end? And what are “they” using this particular event to distract us from? The precipitous fall of the stock market and gold? The North Korean nuclear scenario? What?

Again, Paris Tosen, on fb:

Sometimes a spontaneous terrorist-type event precedes the release of certain questionable information about a high profile person or even precedes some kind of disclosure. In order to prevent these "inconveniences" they have events on "standby" so as to have use them when necessary. As it might sound a bit ludicrous, having seen a number of these over the last several years I no longer believe in coincidences.

And yet, let us remember:


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  1. Ann, I have been interested in your take on this event. Having been at the scene of the explosions dozens of times the past 10 years with dozens of friends and former colleagues within 100’s of feet this one hit me hard. And, I am still trying to grok and pierce thru the adrenaline to the underlying feeling/intent

    • Yeah, m too, trying to grok it. Which is why I search through lots of pieces to find the strange details. P.S. I presume you mean, as one who does and attends marathons, you have been on the scene where the explosions took place this year . . . at first I thought you meant you were on the scene of explosions over and over, like some kind of war correspondent.

      • At the scene of this explosion. The Lenox is the hotel I always stayed at and Marathon Sports was across the street. Thankfully I do not have any experience with other explosions

  2. There exists a league of fearless light warriors call The Silver Legion:

    I suggest using their “Contact Us” button on the lower right hand corner of their website and send this simple message, or something like it:

    Please consider applying your league’s considerable abilities into bringing light upon the deep truth of who and what is behind the Boston Marathon Bombings.

  3. queenvictrola says:

    This reminds me of the tale of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Should I pay attention to the media? No. I do not wish to feed that energy. I should go meditate and pray for all the injured and dead. Everything that happens like this is for effect. Problem, Reaction, Solution. We are getting tired of the violence. Yes, but knee jerk reactions are what the Powers the Were are counting on. It is another act of hatred and wanton destruction brought to you in dramatic cabalist style, the purpose of which is to terrify. Find your inner peace and send the people who were hurt your love and energy. Peace to all.

  4. Jery says:

    Upcoming Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure… was suposed to happen soon.
    Boston > would that be enough to take the attention of the media away – I think so.
    Am I dreaming or getting paranoid – I’m not sure but that game is more obvious every day.

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