Hypnotist Dolores Cannon on ETs: “Nothing scares me, because I’ve got such a great curiosity . . .”

This is Dolores Cannon’s presentation for the 2013 UFO Congress. Thanks to rumormillnews for calling it to my attention. From my notes:

“In hundreds and hundres of cases (of hypnotizing people), I have not even found one that is negative. Because I found the reason why it’s happening. And I’ve found why other investigators are not getting the same information: because they are working with too light a trance. . . I go into the deepest level (of trance). They don’t remember anything. They’re out.”

“ETs have been around since the beginning of the world. There job has always been to take care of us, because they created us. They are the ones that have created life.”

I’ve watched the first 20 minutes so far, and find her presentation fascinating, with this one caveat: I have trouble thinking this ours the “only planet in the universe with free will” — a view she shares with a number of other ET investigators and channelers. But whenever anyone says “Earth is the only planet in the universe that _____” I tend to turn off. How could that be? Is our one small planet that special? Come on!

Sorry. Couldn’t upload it. Here’s a link.


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  1. C.G. Jung eventually set aside hypnotism as a working tool for his patients primarily because he believed he was “guiding” the patients, whose own subconscious was best able to self-guide through dream symbolism. The challenge was then to interpret dream language to understand self.

    But, Jung did not accept nor embrace UFO’s either, whereas, I harbor no doubts:


    In short, I believe both Jung and Cannon retain highest possible ethical merit. Given the extraordinary “Law of One” :


    … material by researchers James Allen McCarty, Don Elkins and Carla Ruekert, and the brilliant insights of George Lobuono, “Alien Mind” .

    The issues of UFO’s and alien presence are no longer a question of “if”, but rather a question of “Do you want take a tour?”

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