Hidden in Plain Sight Department: Denver Airport

In case you haven’t flown into Denver lately, in case you’ve managed to ignore or refuse to recognize what’s going on out there in Cheyenne Mountain land, I appreciate the way the author adds his own light touch to the god-awful scenario that he documents pictorially here. His refrain, “I wonder if my plane is going to be delayed” helps us stay in our bodies despite our need to zoom on out of here as we contemplate such awful scenes and their nefarious purpose.

Thanks, John, for the reference.

Something is Rotten in the Denver Airport


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  1. I’ve read so much about the airport… I really liked the post linked because of the photos, and also the author is self-described as a skeptic of conspiracy theories, yet even he can clearly see things are effed up.

    I’m getting tired of being a light-bearer here in Denver. It’s taxing. Also, I was just in Colorado Springs today. I had been up in a mountain town, a beautiful and peaceful one above the fray of the Springs, but drove down to get back to I-25. I can’t stand the Springs, personally. The energy there is so nefarious, to echo the word you used in this post.

    I keep reading from sources that major things are afoot in terms of change, and sometimes I do feel and sense there are very profound things happening, and yet, as you write here, we “stay in our bodies despite our need to zoom on out of here…”

    I’m taking another deep breath and hoping that another night of sleep (and doubtless work I am doing when in that state) will help me take another day. I am thankful for a wonderful woman who really blessed me this weekend with love and care. It was a welcome respite from that which greets me energetically each day in Denver.

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