Astrology: April 9-20, 2013 likely to be a disruptive, defining time-span

Crown_LotusUpdate, same day: I just added Mercury ingress into Aries on April 12th to the mix (thank you Peter!) and decided to include the positions and significance of Saturn and Pluto as well.

Okay, folks, hold on to your hats. Or, maybe I should say, hold on to your crown chakras, as they are likely to burst open. On second thought, don’t hold on, let go!

“Let go and let God,” the divine flow of the universe move you into the re-emergence of our natural selves, bright, free, fierce, and fueled with fire for the future.

Why do I say this? Because during the span of 3D time between April 9th and 20th we are to undergo a “five planet stellium in Aries” while Pluto is turning to go retrograde.

Begin stellium: Chart for April 9th, 2013.

Aries: the sign of new beginnings, fiery, impulsive, creative, initiatory.

It begins with the New Moon, April 9-10, when the Moon crosses over —

• first, revolutionary Uranus while squaring Pluto . . . (search “Uranus square Pluto” on this site for other articles on the Uranus/Pluto square period, 2012-2015),

• then the Sun, which illuminates, and begins a new lunar cycle,

• then warlike Mars, ruler of Aries,

• then mysterious, far-off Eris, a “dwarf planet,” with a 560 year cycle, discovered in 2005 while in Aries (all people under 86 years old alive today have Eris in Aries), its given name “Eris” symbolic of discord and strife. See astrologer Nick Fiorenza on Eris, and see astrologer Pam Younghans on this stellium with Eris. It’s not all bad; in fact, it’s wonderful, if we can expand and deepen enough to withstand and grow with and from the disruptive forces of r/evolutionary change.

• then, finally, Moon crosses over Venus. Thank god for Venus, planet of peace, love and harmony.

It ends — if it ever ends, for of course, when does anything really end? And when did it really begin? — it all depends on how we carve out forms from the void and name them, plus the story we want to tell, the meaning we seek to find, the spell we seek to weave — on April 20th,

End Stellium: chart for April 20, 2013

when Sun and Mars, hand in hand, jump together, out of fiery Aries to be cooled and secured by earthy, grounded, practical, Taurus. Whew!

Meanwhile, Pluto will turn to retrograde on April 12, one of the long list of direct/retrograde swings every six months or so that it undergoes during its long, inexorable pummeling of the Capricorn status quo from 2008 through 2023 by undermining, pulling down, destroying civilizational infrastructures that we have long taken for granted and which have turned fatally toxic to both the survival of humanity and the planet we live upon. Pluto symbolizes primal motion, fueling the creative fires of the universe, moving “things” into and out of form.

Meanwhile, communicative Mercury will also enter Aries, on April 12th.

And meanwhile, one bright note, though ironic: on April 15th, Tax Day, Venus will move out of hotheaded Aries into patient Taurus to prepare the way for the Taurus ingress of Mars and the Sun.

What kind of Earth will we find on April 20th? Will she have been devastated by nuclear war, or other kinds of all-too-imaginable horrors that we humans love to conjure up just to spice up the news, the movies, and our own heart rates; to feel stimulated, as if only with this brand of toxic, terrorized intensity we can come alive? Or will we come home to our senses, our own bodies, and to the body of our dear Mother Earth, having utilized the fiery energies of this magnificent stellium to forge a common human intent to not only survive whatever apocalypse we love to drum up in our minds, but to circumvent it, indeed to utilize that same energy for creation. Imagine the nuclear inferno. Imagine it symbolizing the fires of creation rather than destruction. Imagine.

Yes, let us activate our magnificent powers of imagination just waiting to be accessed during these years when spiritual, visionary Neptune floats through its home sign of watery, otherworldly Pisces (2011-2025). And let us also remember that during these two years (2012-2014) strong, stalwart Saturn is crawling through profound, intense, watery Scorpio, to help slow and cool hot-headed passions, and to craft long-range plans that occupy deep and silent waters, far from the prying eyes of the media, for the common good.

That both Saturn and Pluto occupy in water signs indicates, to me, that humanity’s capacity for compassion and unity are running strong.

Yes, these twelve days or so are likely is to be popping with either emergence or emergency, or both, most likely, depending on location, attitude, scale, consciousness, all the conditions of Life on Earth that beset we humans lucky or unlucky enough to have chosen to be present during this messy birthing process for humanity.

Will the birth be easy? No. It never is, as we women who have carried babies to term, and delivered them naturally, know. Will it be full of struggle? Probably. Will we need medication or surgery in order to “endure” it. Hopefully, not. Not if we’re conscious enough. Not if we are alive, and aware; not if we begin to breathe the entire planet and all creatures upon her in and out of our lungs with each new breath.

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  1. rose day says:

    Thank you for this…puts all of the latest ‘ra-ra’ in perspective. Sooo glad you are back!

  2. maria cristina artico says:

    I liked very much what you wrote here,you really have a gift to say those words that, many of us have kept deep in our hearts and don´t find the way to make them come out as you do.Than you Anne,From Argentina..God bless you and your family.

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