My son Colin’s Garden Tower Project to be on kickstarter by Monday at the latest, under the “food” category. Please help and/or spread the word!

Colin and his two partners were on kickstarter eight months ago. They were asking for $280,000, so that they could fund the start-up costs for manufacturing the Garden Tower. That kickstarter project attracted an angel investor near the end, who promised to fund the whole thing. Unfortunately, his money never became available.

Now they are asking for a much more modest sum, $28,000, to manufacture a custom barrel that they then tool by hand. The barrels that they’ve been using are standard food-service barrels, which are very expensive to ship. The average price for shipping costs with the current hand-tooled barrel is $87, and they are only charging the customers $40. This is hurting their profits and their ability to fulfill their greater mission.

The new custom barrel will be 2.5 inches smaller, also food-grade plastic, and will reduce the average shipping costs 50%.

Please do check out what they’re doing! It’s really wonderful. This is an important project for the future of bringing fresh organic food everywhere to people who lack access to land or are otherwise unable to garden.

Garden Tower Project

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