How do we “know” and who do we “trust” and why?

I’m in last day of prep for Thailand/India two month trip. So I’ll be quick. Please read the following, if you wish to learn about the epistemology of this exopermaculture blog

I love this post from zen gardner, as it exactly meets with the way I’ve been learning — mostly through trial and error — how to approach this whole business of discernment. In a nutshell: stay awake and aware and above all, loving; furthermore, be suspicious whenever I fall into any kind of fixed belief, lest I set limits on the otherwise continuous expansion of consciousness.

Zen has some great tips on the nitty-gritty of how to do this.

The pernicious power of partial truth




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  1. Have fun on your trip Ann. If the mood strikes you, would you please offer us (me) your comments on “The Law of One” should you find yourself in need of typing on the key board and doing remote posts …..

    • Basically, I think the Law of One series is the most profound channeling I have ever come across. Have read through the series twice and plan to do it again and again. Not that I understand it! But some of it sinks through and in. (Since I don’t “understand” it, it’s hard to “believe” it, since I have no way to concretize it into a set of statements. To me, it’s more like an authentic current or frequency . . .)

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