Seattle Teacher Boycott News

Two articles to follow-up on Seattle Teachers Refusal of that one MAPS test . . . Unfortunately, I’m prepping for trip to India and Thailand and so have no time to read these two, but did want to follow through on the story, given how much it eventually might affect the way we seem to be deliberately educating, oops, no, indoctrinating our children to become sheeple.

From two days ago, The Washington Times:

Seattle’s boycotting teachers start crusade against standardized tests

From yesterday, Amy Goodman on Democracy Now:

Seattle’s Teacher Uprising: High School Faculty Faces Censure for Boycotting Standardized MAP Tests

Sounds like the interval between uprising and blowback has now shortened to less than a month. Remember when Occupy took the streets in September 2011, and wasn’t finally “put down” with militarized police force until a number of months later? How time does fly.

Look for intervals between events to continue to shorten throughout this Uranus/Pluto time (search this site for numerous Uranus/Pluto posts), 2012-2015. Key is daily practice of some kind, to get, and stay, centered, integrated, whole, resilient in the face of unpredictable buffeting winds.

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