Lyn Dalebout: “Life and growth and forward momentum are happening moment to moment . . . in the midst of crisis and unforeseen catalysts. We must respond quickly~swiftly~intuitively . . .”

This, from my dear friend and fellow astrologer Lyn Dalebout in Jackson Hole, truly loverly! Plus, its disjointed, light-filled, liquid tone expresses beautifully the wild currents of early 2013. And I so appreciate the care Lyn takes to create beautiful partnerships with visual artists for her blogsite. She includes a few internal video links that I don’t have time to fiddle with. Go to her original here.


Live the LIght of your Mastery: 2013

Fire in Jackson Hole Wyoming~thanks to Mike Cavorac

At last I have finished this piece. A relief for me and hopefully some parts might speak to you.

This post is intentionally chaotic, all over the map. There may be some coherent connections~some not. Please indulge my wild speculation about the nature of these times. Such is the nature of these times.

These times are like these wild fires depicted above in Mike Cavorac’s photograph( that threatened my homeland of Jackson Hole Wyoming last summer~yet also catalyzed our community in solid support of one another. Life and growth and forward momentum are happening moment to moment right now often in the midst of crisis and unforeseen catalysts. We must respond quickly~swiftly~intuitively as if we were in the midst of a raging fire or impending flood. For some of our human/animal tribes this is a spiritual/emotional metaphor~as it has been for me~while for many these events manifest as a literal earthly reality such as superstorm Sandy. It is the moment to moment attention and intention that will save us, personally and in our emerging collective crisis/opportunity to shift our world.

But enough. Time to push myself to completion.

The Mother of all Clouds~Mike Cavorac

2012 brought us to a cosmic close. We closed the door on a 5000+ year cycle. I hope to post another piece of the salient points from a talk I gave on Dec 21 2012 about the magnitude of what we have completed.

But tonight I just want to move forward~the past behind~and contemplate the future that beckons.

Let’s think big here. Let’s accept that our lives here~NOW~are percussive/repercussive to the coming age to our future ancestors. It really is that momentous.

We are the parents of the coming Aquarian age~still 400 years to come~and in that we must be grown-ups, and act as grown-ups. Can we stop acting as petchulant angry defensive children~sound like our political leaders~and step into our leadership?

Mike Cavorac ever observing the Mystery
Are you a spiritual grownup?
That is the question posed to me upon awakening one morning. I heard these words clear as the day emerging.
Are you a spiritual grownup?
A grown-up is synonymous with adult. The definition of adult is: A person who is fully grown or developed.
Have you/I fully grown and developed spiritually?
What does that mean? Wouldn’t that imply being a Master of sorts like all the great Teachers of all traditions?
I have been sitting with this question now for months hoping to be able to answer YES to my own soul’s question*~
Beauty compliments of Free Roaming Photography
These were words that came to me one morning upon awakening from the dreamtime.Follow your INNER DIRECTIVE:This is the guidance that came to me out of a personal plea for HELP:911. I needed guidance. I am lost. What am I to do? Where to go? Where is my true home? What is my true nature? HELP:911.

When I heard the words of INNER DIRECTIVE I immediately thought of myself as if I were Bird or Bee. These wise species are guided from within as unique individuals yet they function cohesively/coherently within their community~linking their personal gifts in support of the greater good. They aren’t blind followers. All are leaders all~listening within~then applying their natural talents without~and everyone benefits.

I have watched them. The Birds and the Bees. I have noted their circular intelligence seemingly guiding them as both individuals and confident creative members their Tribe. They have an inner directive that guides them in their migrations~they seem to know from within their true home/purpose. They know who they are and they live that confidently/not competitively with their Tribe.

I am no different from Bird or Bee. Ah Emily Dickinson. So wise in your poetry. I am so grateful that I know this is so. We are one. And I seek to embody this wise natural animal intuitive intelligence~so lost to us sometimes as mental humans. We forget we are animals.

Here is a description from my wise sidereal colleague Nick Anthony Fiorenza about an important astrological alignment with a star called Praesepe in the constellation of Cancer~the sign on home/tribe.
What Nick has written here, speaks to my personal process as well as describing this evolutionary moment for all of Humanity:
Don’t forget: it is one and the same: we are one: all connected:
“Praesepe can indicate a new dwelling place is at hand or that one is in order to find. When bees leave an old hive, they appear to swarm in frenetic confusion with a scattered sense and lack of direction before identifying their new direction and migrate toward their new home. This confusion is temporary and is part of intuiting the feeling for the right direction, much like turning in a complete circle to identify the way that feels right. Praesepe asks us to trust in our magnetic sense, our inner compass, and to hone in on our new direction.”
Patriotic Bear captured by Jacqueline Ra~I was there and witnessed this~May 2010

Isn’t this a fun picture? I throw this in the mix for the sheer joy and delight and surprise of witnessing such an unexpected moment. I post this here because I also believe our Animal Friends will be even more crucial to our survival in the coming cycle. We are ever blessed by their companionship on our beloved Earth. And here we see our holy Bear bearing witness to our American potential. That’s how I experienced this moment. One tribe~all connected. Animal~Human~Earthly residents all.

More on that topic in future posts*~ And here a video of our Holy Bears

Disaster means to go against the stars.

In our historical records it is shown the dinosaurs left this Earth quickly, in some kind of disaster. They left suddenly, when their time was done.

Please study the emerging science on the puzzle and paradox of our brains. In our brain structure we can either reside primarily in our fear-based reptilian~read dinosaur~brain or we can find our way to awaken to our frontal cortex lobe~read THIRD EYE~ that is the part of our brain that is more compassionate and loving. The evolutionary directive NOW is to awaken our compassionate loving brain and release the grip and gripe of our old fear-based brain and the world it has created up to now.

These tendencies exist within each of our larger families/tribes but more importantly within our selves~our very cells. None of us are immune. All of us need to clear this dying fear.

~Fight the world and your fellow humans~
~Embrace our brilliant diversity and love all aspects of the totality of our humanity~
Fight or embrace.
Fear or Love.
The evolutionary directive is toward Love.
Best to get on board!

Do your work in the outer world. Seek to improve the world by eliminating these dying ways of global/collective fear.

But more importantly~more importantly~do the daily work of clearing your Self of these old habits of fear/doubt/self deprecation/competition/devaluing/one-ups-manship.

In this work you will truly change the world.

May we be those humans that are calling forth a new humanity.

~A humane humanity~

Why did it take us so long to make the link between human and humane?

We have seen our darkness ~and we are turning toward our LIGHT.

I am a biologist. And from that awareness I have written in previous posts that all in nature is progressive~nothing is regressive~

or rather that which is regressive dies


Northern Lights Grand Teton National Park captured by Mike Cavorac

~ It is TIME~

~Live the Light of your Mastery~

*You are are a vast immense Being in Spirit who has come to bring your gift to Earth*

As Above~ so Below

Mt. Moran and Leigh Lake~Mike Cavorac/Free Roaming Photography

~As Above~So Below~

*You are are a vast immense Being in Spirit who has come to bring your gift to Earth*

This is what I mean by Living the Light of your Mastery. We are all meant to be Masters of some domain/some dimension/gift/talent. It comes from within. It requires you focus WITHIN.

And once you have found that Light Within what a gift and joy it is when you shine that Light into our world~Ah we await that Light!

It will illuminate and shift the world.

It is your Entelechy~look up that word. I LOVE this word. It has been my guiding Light.

Ask for the dreams.

Be open to the signs.

Live the Light of your Mastery


Onward and Upward,

Lyn Dalebout

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