Let us make sure Chuck Hagel gets in as Defense Secretary


I saw this incredible news about Hagel, and noticed how it has been picked up by the MSM, and frankly, my first thought was that this information is exquisitely timed to be used to pillory and ultimately derail Hagel’s nomination.

And if that is indeed the plan, then it is up to us, We the People, to make sure it doesn’t happen. To make sure that both Obama and Hagel know that We the People have their back, that we INTEND for Chuck Hagel to take the reins of the military.

Let us call out for this man of long experience and widened perspective and, we pray, immense and unflappable courage.

Let us place this man in charge of ending the nightmare that Eisenhower warned about and that has so insidiously cemented itself into the superstructure of our technocratic civilization, with over one thousand bases world-wide, drones raining down on the innocent, wars ongoing and planned, strong-arming and outgunning, bribing, drug-running, and in every way possible manner doing the bidding of aerospace and other predatory corporations of shock doctrine capitalism that must keep the whole violent, destructive, destabilizing, earth-ruining, chaotic catastrophe going — or die.

At least that’s the way it must feel to them. Imagine the desperation of these captains of industry, who for so long could count on us, the sheeple, to fund with our taxes and serve with our bodies as fodder for their brilliant little wars that profited them and the banks, no matter which side won.

Imagine them imagining us, waking up, to intone with one voice, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.” And we’re not. This is 2013. A new world is rising from the ashes of the old. We are its midwives, One Billion Rising, born to be here, NOW, at this extraordinary juncture in the story of humankind.

Now we know why Obama picked Hagel as Defense Secretary

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