Is this the match that lights the fire? Seattle Teachers’ Protest Spreads

I would hope that this protest, which started unanimously as a single boycott of a single test in a single school, quickly spread to teachers in another school, and then further throughout the Seattle region, will now go viral. It is well past time to begin to shift our standardized, test-heavy, learning-impoverished, monoculturally mandated “educational” system that years ago ground down beyond useless to positively detrimental to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of our children and guaranteed that they would either rebel or go numb, die on the vine.

Here’s a report on the ferment in Seattle now.

The MAP test boycott is spreading through Seattle schools

Here’s a report on a rally being held this very afternoon in Seattle.

West Seattle Schools: Teachers Rally During Partial Furlough

Here’s an interesting article that describes the evolution and devolution of schools as institutions and how they must be revitalized periodically in order to keep current with changing times.

What’s Worth Learning: How Outdated Curricula Are Failing America’s Students

And finally, here’s a website —

— that shows the kind of body/mind/soul education we could be offering our children, both at home and in organized classrooms. Way beyond the usual. So far out there that it begins to attract the original spirit of what educare, “to pull out from within” really intends.

Interested? Check this out. Update, same day: Oh yeah, and this, too.

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