Ascension moves sideways

I really appreciate this post, as it has been my experience as well. The more permeable my membrane, the larger and lighter and more loving the “self,” until the whole undulating phenomenal world fills, fuels, and centers me, right here, right now, secure and tethered in the One.


January 22, 2013

by Stewart Wilde

Millions of humans are moving towards ascension without realizing it. As you develop ESP and intuition, you eventually see visions of other dimensions, you may also see some of the trillions of beings that are in there. The sight of those worlds is a form of ascension, because now you straddle two realities, here and a higher plane. As you develop, you activate two higher chakras above the crown chakra, we call them the lower wiracocha and the upper wiracocha. That allows for a permanent foothold in a multidimensional world.

The Upper Chakras

People erroneously believe that ascension is “up” because we believe heaven to be up, and it says in the Bible Jesus rose up to heaven. But in fact, I discovered seven years ago that ascension is sideways. The wider you become the more you straddle other worlds. If you transcended and you dematerialized, you would go through a portal that is at 90 degrees from you, so sideways.

You become wider when you become less dogmatic and more open and vulnerable, and more loving and compassionate, then you start to “see” and that leads you onwards and sideways.

None of the “other world” perception could take place if the beings in those worlds were not helping us, and they have come closer over the years in response to the world’s darkness. So you should laud evil and the corruption, for while you may be revolted by it, without it we couldn’t evolve as far and as fast.

The light that is flowing through to us now is to protect the integrity of Gaia and this world and to assist our spiritual evolution, while the Nazis tromp down the main street. We need the Nazis, or we would be stuck in the humdrum of not knowing, or not seeing, forever.

Everything exists in a divine order and so you have to believe that the arrival of the Nazis is a part of that order, even though we might not fully understand it .

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