R.I.P. Shyamdas, for whom “The devotional state comes naturally.”

boatShyamdas, a beloved teacher, Sanskrit scholar, translator, musician, and kirtan singer who practiced bakhti yoga, the path of pure spiritual devotion to the divine, is reported to have died on January 19th following a motorcycle accident in India.

From his website:

“Our priceless friend Shyamdasji left this world last night. He spent his remaining hours, as usual, in satsang and bliss with a group of dear friends. On this night in particular they were reading Shri Vallabhacarya’s teaching “Krsnashraya” and reflecting deeply on and repeating the refrain, “Krsna eva gatir mama…Krishna is my refuge and destination.” He has arrived at his final refuge and destination now.”

From his teachings: “Bakhti promotes in you, the joy of your own soul. We feel and love things in the world because we are actually loving the spirit and embrace of the soul. In the process of chanting, people go deeper into their own selves.”

Thanks to Sophia for the original notice of the passing of this wonderful teacher who, like Aaron Schwartz, first came to my attention only when he died.

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