Bankster Fraud Department: MSM goes rogue? WOW!

Are banksters going to be called to account after all? Frontline, “The Untouchables,” rolling out from PBS only one day after the second Obama inauguration . . . Thanks to jhaines6 for the pointer.

And, to put financial fraud into perspective, see this, unfortunately, from truthout, a not-MSM, alt-media source. The contrast between the usual, capitalist service-to-self and Aaron Swartz’s service-to-others could not be more stark.

Aaron Swartz, Financial Fraud, and the Justice Department

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  1. Rather than build a tension over good vs. evil, what if we instead pushed for a carefully thought out form of amnesty for these wrong doers to come forward and speak truth on the main stream media outlets? I believe we would learn more and make greater strides collectively focused on mechanisms of forgiveness.

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