NASA deletes UFO Photos?

Deletes, or airbrushes out: long rumored, now “true”?

NASA Caught Deleting UFO Photos from its Website

January 18, 2013

by Michael Salla

NASA-deleted-photoIn a news alert issued today, NASA has been caught deleting photos from its website of what is unmistakable evidence of a UFO. The UFO photos first appeared on the NASA Johnson Space Center website in May 2011 and clearly showed a spacecraft of some advanced design. Without any fanfare, the photos were uploaded and stayed on the NASA website for over a year and half until being recently removed. According to Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily, the photos were initially leaked by someone in NASA wanting to get the word out about UFOs. The removed photos with original links to the NASA/Johnson Space Center website can now be found on UFO Sightings Daily. The removal of the digital photos supports claims by whistleblowers that NASA regularly removes evidence of UFOs from its website that are extraterrestrial in origin.


A.K. again: Here’s a much longer version of the same, from beforeitsnews:

See The UFOs NASA Has Deleted: UFO Photos Leaked Out Of NASA-JSC, 100% Clear In High Detail

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