WAKE UP! There is no such thing as “waste,” no such place as “away.”

It’s all right here, where we live, on Mother Earth. We are like recalcitrant children and Mom’s telling us to clean up our own room.

I exhort myself to wake up, too, while eyeing the two paper bags full of recycled plastic, cans, and glass I generate every two weeks! Ye gods!

See this, for one crucial way we can both transform organic “waste,” help our Mother with her chores, and make sure our own kids’ kids will be able to go outside and play.

One thing that we used to do when we went outside to play (today’s kids rarely do), was play with each other and each other’s stuff, play in each other’s yards, not care so much who owned what and how to get more and more of it. And we used to “alley pick,” i.e., find fun stuff in neighbors’ trash cans.

Here are trailers to three movies, each in its own way contemplating the nature, implications, and possibilities for our “throw away stuff.”

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  1. Respect Nature in all ways. Take only that which you must from Her, and remember nothing can be taken except that something be given.

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