Breakfast with truth-tellers: Cenk Uygar, James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds

This morning, during my breakfast with puppy and ipad, I came across this. Keep watching to the last part of it where Cenk Uygur talks about how not only corporate advertising, but corporate sponsors are a cancer that infects corporate media programming, including the venerable “60 Minutes.”

Then I found myself here, and realized, thanks to James Corbett, that there are two kind of alt media, and that only one of them can speak truth without shackles or blinkers. The kind that does not accept even foundation money.

And so that led me, finally, to Sibel Edmonds, her boilingfrogs site, and this trailer for her memoir, Classified Woman, a book that I’m going to find and read, starting today.

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  1. mrtwist says:

    Thank you for the great article. I’ve been noticing that many bloggers of spirituality have ads all over their pages. One, in particular, has an article, no – two articles pinned at the top of his blog begging for donations. I’ve seen the NBC logo glare at me from his site and all he really does is copy/paste everyone else’s articles……. amazing. How can that person NOT be swayed by his advertisers at sometime or another? Again, thanks and keep observing those “spiritual” bloggers.

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