Post-Current-Currency Visions? Realities? The One People’s Public Trust and the Obama Inauguration

Question Mark In The SkySo. Last night I posted something John C. alerted me to, re: German banks wanting their gold back. That felt significant.

Then, early this morning I lay in bed and listened to a 90-minute show with Lisa Harrison talking about OPPT, the One People’s Public Trust. This is the latest global abundance “scheme” or “vision” or “plan” or “done deal” or “foundational legal structure” that sprang, like Athena from the head of Zeus, out of nowhere on December 25, only four days after the supposed Mayan Calendar End/Begin date of December 21, 2012, and that according to the radio show hostess, only awaits “embodiment” (by us) — or something like that!

I’d heard about “NESARA” before, and I’ve followed (kinda sorta) the “Financial Tyranny” series by David Wilcock on and was somewhat hip to Neil Keenan and especially Ben Fulford, and what they seem to be up to, and the seemingly high levels they play in globally as well as the high stakes in play . . . but this was the first time I forced myself to stop and listen to four or five people talking about the One People’s Public Trust, which seems to be a startling new way to remove the false financial and political foundation and replace it with a genuine spiritual? and gaian? foundation for humanity to live as a harmonious species on Earth. How? “by going back to prime,” says Heather Tucci-Jarrav, the OPPT Trustee whose haunting phrase reverberates inside me, and who, according to one of the people on the show, seems to speak only in 5-D language.

Here’s the show, thanks to Kauilapele:

Lisa Harrison: Collective Imagination Show with TPPT

Then, this noon, while eating lunch, I tried to at least skim through, if not digest, a long, complicated post summarizing a lot of what all this seems to be about. P.S. I found the material on Ben Fulford especially interesting.

Thanks to americankabuki:

UPDATED: High Financial Affairs – The Battle for Control of the Global Financial System

Oh wow, here’s another one . . .

Heather, of OPPT answers some of your questions from yesterday

Is any of this “real.” We might be about to find out. Or not. — Probably not.

Hint: both these posts focus on the coming inauguration of President Obama on January 20-21, 2013.

I spend my precious time with this kind of stuff, not because I want to know if it’s “true” or “false,” but because it’s so damn fascinating to witness the human drama play out in such fantastically complicated and interesting ways. Plus, you can call the whole thing “just” a “figment of the imagination” of you wish, but let’s face it: something from the endlessly fertile (once unleashed) collective imagination will eventually take root here on earth to replace the obviously unsustainable capitalistic corporatist death march we’re on now as a species. Let’s pray that whatever does grow up organically from the ashes of the old is of the apparent magnitude and holds the apparent magnanimity of this OPPT.

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  1. gcgrann says:

    Great post. Thank you, Ann. Blessings to you throughout 2013. Gillian

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