Official Disclosure begins? in secret? to Congress? Gordon Duff, Kerry Cassidy, Robert Salla

I’m always interested in what Gordon Duff of Veterans Today has to report, but don’t usually feel moved to repost his articles here. Probably because so many of them are so inflammatory, and while I usually find myself mostly “in his camp,” not always. Sometimes I instinctively straddle the fence, poised to flee in the other direction. Why? Because I’m afraid of what he says? Because I don’t want to know “the truth”? Or because my own way of being and doing is just so vastly disparate from his that I don’t have any idea what to make of his way of describing and explaining the secretive, usually ugly and convoluted, military and financial and political “truths” that he, with seemingly vast intel and experience, invites the reader to assume that he divines.

But what, after all, IS truth. And aren’t there an infinity of truths, each a “timeline” reaching in and out from a single point that itself can serve as the locus of an infinity of time-lines? And is not there a space between any two points, no matter how close together, so that infinities are continuously opening everywhere? Indeed, doesn’t every point, from close to, itself open into a space? “Truth,” as we 3D humans imagine it, seems a paltry matter when pondering unfathomable cascading immensities.

No, it’s something about the way Duff’s heart and his mind fit together. Or don’t. Or the way mine do. Or don’t. My sometimes uncomfortable discombobulation when I read his articles.

So. A little over a week ago Duff published this piece:

Congressional Disclosure Studies Alien Moon Bases

Years of doctored data, videos and photodisclosed to Congress

Here’s how it ends:

Congress put out 6000 pages on torture recently, internal consumption only. The report totally debunks the bin Laden murder film, “Zero Dark 30,” which depicts the “rekilling” of the long dead bin Laden, a top level CIA asset in good standing at the time of his death.

More “Photoshop” or a mining operation?

The report, if released, would lead to the indictment of thousands of Americans for war crime.

If “torture” has generated 6000 pages, what might the 500 witnesses and years of secret hearings over, not just UFOs and alien bases but secret weapon technologies and “exo-politics,” how large a report are “we” sitting on?

Would it fill a room, a library?

Who does keeping so much secret serve?


Wow! I wondered. Should I repost this? I decided no, or not yet. Though it did lodge in the back of my usually porous mind.

Yesterday I came across a blogpost by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot where she also mentions Duff’s piece and said it was mixed up with disinfo for “plausible deniability.”

Duff: Bases on the Moon; NASA Cover-up

Then, today, I came across a 1/15/13 piece by Michael Salla, of, about both the Duff article and Kerry Cassidy’s comments, in which he includes the claim that he himself was one of those misquoted. Salla, unfortunately, doesn’t like his articles published in full on other websites, but he will allow an introductory paragraph. Here goes:

Is the U.S. Congress Investigating Alien Bases on the Moon?

January 15, 2013

by Michael Salla


A 13 mile tower on the moon according to Gordon Duff

On January 9 Gordon Duff published an article declaring that a US Congressional investigation of alien moon bases was underway. In the article, Duff doesn’tdisclose sources to back up his claim, but referred instead to stories from other publications that touch on various aspects of his claim. Among them is a photo of what appears to be a tall tower on the moon; and a controversial photo and video of an alien moon base allegedly discovered and leaked by China, yet critics claim that the video is actually old NASA footage. According to Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, Duff’s claim is a genuine disclosure with some necessary redirects and disinformation thrown in for the sake of plausible deniability and for the benefit general reader still unaccustomed to the reality of an extraterrestrial/UFO cover up. Is it possible that the US Congress has begun holding secret hearings on decades-old evidence of alien moon bases?


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