Within Reach: Sustainable Communities

Julia, who sent me the pointer for this link, used to live in my neighborhood. About eight years ago, she and I walked home together one evening from a Green Acres Neighborhood Association meeting. Only three people (the two of us plus the hostess) had shown up for the meeting, despite advance publicity. As we walked, we felt dejected, noticing the blue light of the television gleaming murkily through closed drapes of picture windows, and determined, even so, to keep going.

Remember: it’s hard work, this business of regenerating community by actually reversing the centrifugal motion of blind, individualized, selfish consumerism that has overwhelmed our world since World War II. And, it is the most important work of our time. So . . . just keep going. DON’T GIVE UP!

Now Julia has moved to California, and is busy regenerating community in her neighborhood there.

withinreachmovie.com. Thanks, Julia!

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