How “They” Render Food (and Water) Useless for Us “Useless Eaters”

This video is not just “Toxic Food 101.” I learned a few things myself.

“Useless Eaters” is a phrase supposedly coined by Kissinger. Google it. You’ll be surprised. Here is the 1974 report that carries the spirit of this phrase:

National Security Study MemorandumNSSM 200

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10 Responses to How “They” Render Food (and Water) Useless for Us “Useless Eaters”

  1. Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. A ‘Quiet War’ was waged against the human race by globalists 59 years ago to secure global domination. Unveiled source documents, explain the ultimate purpose of diabolical chemtrails, HAARP weather modification, Agenda 21 to control all land, resources, drinking water, and food [genetically engineered GMOs], fluoride in drinking water, aspartame, vaccines, fracking, cyber security, data-mining, surveillance, smart meters, RFID chips, drones, and 3 upcoming, life threatening problem-reaction-solution DECEPTIONS, to trick humans into full enslavement. War or liberation of the human species?

  2. Jean says:

    Reblogged this on 2012: What's the 'real' truth? and commented:
    Thanks to D for recommending this. ~J

  3. Jean Haines found a link to the video that works, which I transcribed and will post in a Blog.

    The information David shared is too important to block from world citizens.

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