Satish Kumar, on “The New Trinity”: SOIL, SOUL, AND SOCIETY

We are nature. Nature is not “out there.” Nature means to be born. Nativity comes from the same root. Therefore, what we do to nature we do to ourselves.

Let us remember the soil first. The earth is soulful. Animals have soul. Trees have soul. Caring for the soil and caring for the soul are interrelated.

If we take care of our soul, we can be a Gandhi. Taking care of your soul is not selfish. If you are not well, how are you going to help anyone else?

We have been too narrowly focused on our small identities, on our ego. On my walk around the world, I went as a human being, and I met human beings everywhere. Our primary identity is that we are members of the earth community and we are members of the human community.

Once we understand that, that we are a microcosm of a macrocosm, then we embrace diversity. Rather than being tourists, who complain, I invite you to join me as a pilgrim, and celebrate our diversity.

Embody the change you want to see in the world. Then there is integrity between your words and your action.

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