Medvedev on ETs, Revisited: “How many of them among us, I can’t tell, because the panic would begin.” Oh yeah?

Do you remember the story about Russian Prime Minister Medvedev talking about aliens living among us back in early December 2012?

Here’s the video:

Notice the video’s name: “Medvedev talks about aliens on earth! Is he joking?” This is the kind of “frame” that we continue to place around this subject in order to discredit it as silliness.

Michael Salla of wrote a piece about the Medvedev remarks.

Russian Prime Minister Claims Extraterrestrials Live Among Us

At the time I didn’t post it here; so much else was happening in the lead-up to the “12 Days of Christmas 2012” that it got lost in the shuffle. Maybe I should have featured it as THE lead-up however, since the presence of ET on Earth is obviously the biggest story we can possibly imagine and, if true, and if the human race accepts that it is true, will alter life on earth irrevocably. (Or will it? Just how powerful is habitual, mind-controlled myopia?)

Whether or not “the panic would begin,” I wonder. In fact, I have a feeling that if you talked to everybody on earth, privately, at least one out of three would claim to have some kind of experience involving either extraterrestrial beings or, more likely, UFOs. What keeps us from talking about this subject? There it is again, what I’ve called “the ridicule factor,” and it’s very very powerful. Check out this pdf: “Most people already believe!”

Now I see that Michael Salla of ranks The Medvedev Remarks the #1 ET/UFO story of the year.

Top 10 extraterrestrial life stories for 2012 – Year in Review

Salla assumes that the “Men in Black” Medvedev referenced in his apparently off-the-cuff remarks when he did or didn’t realize the microphone was turned off (opinions vary), was the 1997 American “science-fiction action comedy,” (wikipedia), an example of “in your face” or “in plain sight” deception that the cabal is supposedly famous for.

However, reading the comments below Salla’s piece brings me to the news that Russia has just produced a Men in Black movie. And that this movie, rather than being a “science-fiction action comedy,” makes a serious sttempt to understand what the Men in Black phenomenon was all about. Here’s the full documentary, should you care to pursue it:

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