As the atmosphere heats up, so does activist determination

I see today that two Keystone XL activists have been on a hunger strike in Houston Texas for over 39 days. Where is the mainstream media news on this? Had it not been for one of my facebook friends, I would not have known. 39 days is a long time. How much longer before we each begin to consciously decide to give our lives in service to the planet?

Houston Hunger Strike

Some good news. The Idle No More movement, sparked by the hunger strike of an Indian Chief Theresa Spence, who as of Saturday had fasted for 26 days, has secured an appointment to meet with the Canadian Prime Minister this week.

And this afternoon I received an email from the Sisters of Earth, the intrepid nuns who follow Earth-based spirituality and consistently and determinedly walk their talk. Here’s my report from their conference last July.

I just returned from the Sisters of Earth Conference, and WOW!

Now they are telling their email list to watch the movie Elemental.

“Elemental tells the story of three individuals united by their
deep connection with nature, and driven to confront some
of the most pressing ecological challenges of our time.
The film follows an Indian government official gone rogue, a
young mother and native Denè in northern Canada, and an
Australian inventor and entrepreneur.

“Seeing these eco-warriors at work is inspiring. The issues
are imposing: the polluted Ganges, oppositon to the Tar
Sands and its proposed 2000 mile Keystone XL pipeline, and
a revolutionary device that may slow down global warming.”

Here’s the trailer.

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