Is the “One People’s Public Trust” disinfo?

manna-from-heavenRe: all the brouhaha over the “One People’s Public Trust“: here’s Jean Haines, who follows global financial news closely, on the subject. I think the point is this: take responsibility for our own lives and stop expecting manna to drop from heaven.

What I’ve noticed: the more grateful I feel for “what is,” the more my heart fills with love. This love pushes for expression, to be shared. Which naturally flows into generosity. Gratitude fuels generosity, and vice versa. For the world to change and abundance to be released, all we need do is cultivate this attitude of gratitude.

Successful MisDirection = Depression and Sadness = Food for the Dark!

January 6, 2012

Friends, Family,

Here on this site, we have been working to get you to see how the cabal operates. I think you can see a perfect example of how they do operate going on right now over at, among other sites, Removing the Shackles. Here at my site, most of us have finally given up on channeling. Now, it seems to me the next thing we all have to understand here is that as I see it: there isn’t going to be any savior, there isn’t going to be any ‘free’ money. It just isn’t going to happen. What money comes our way will come as a result, for instance, of getting good jobs that help the planet recover from the travesty of the cabal’s efforts to prevent her ascension. Go to Removing the Shackles and have a look at what is being said there. Then take a look at what I’m saying here, if you will. What I’m saying is tough, and I’m saying it out of total frustation, so only read it if you are someone who wants to get beyond this kind of yo-yo garbage! Here are a few talking points I’d like to argue:

Point 1: What many people don’t understand is the strategic and tactical impact that an “Interim Government” would have upon the machinery of political governance. The President of the United States (whether it is the Corporate version or otherwise) runs the Executive Branch. ALL DEPARTMENTS of the Government come under the authority of the Executive Branch. If President Obama has, TRUTHFULLY and “in proof of fact” been deposed, these Branches would not carry out his executive orders as they have been doing since he won the election!

Point 2: Hillary Clinton has not disappeared and neither has George H. W. Bush! They have been hospitalized with verifiable illnesses. The circumstances of these illnesses notwithstanding, they have not been brought up on charges before the Hague. If they, in fact, have committed offenses at the level and illegality suggested by these people, their crime would have been sedition and they would have been arrested and held for questioning by the authorities within our own government responsible for the seizure and detention of people engaged such treasonous activity. That hasn’t happened. Instead, we’ve got Senator McCain arbitrarily stripping the 4th Amendment verbiage out of the NDAA and President Obama signing it without protest. If seventy-seven (77) members of Congress had been arrested and taken to the Hague for prosecution, who then is voting in verifiable blocks of partisan response for all of these laws that Congress continues to pass? Can we begin to think things through and get ‘real’ about all this? If not now, when? How many times are you all going to permit them to take us down this path before we awaken?

Point 3: The members of Congress have not been taken before the “Supreme Court” of the United States and compelled to sign an agreement the denial of which would have thrown them in prison! THAT KIND OF TACTIC IS CALLED COERCION and is governed under the laws that address remedies for the illegal enforcement of Undue Influence which is a legal concept upheld by every court in the United States! Certainly, as corrupt as our government is—including the Supreme Court which trivializes the enforcement of UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW, allowing its general implementation as a “precedent” throughout the legal system (e.g., this is the same court system that quietly looked the other way during the “Jim Crow” era. It’s corrupt. They’re doing the same thing now too!). Why would they have—all of a sudden—decided to uphold the organic Federal Constitution? This is another example of some folks telling us that “Satan will cast out Satan.” This is total garbage! Liberation has to come from the PEOPLE! It won’t come from inside an already corrupt government.

Point 4: It is true that there are elements within the Cabal that have taken action against the Bankster Syndicated Crime Families but their actions have nothing to do with NESARA. We are NOT operating under NESARA because the Federal Government is STILL taking money out of our paychecks at new increased rates of deduction via a payroll tax program enforced by the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE! If we were actually under NESARA in any of its forms or versions, that wouldn’t be HAPPENING!

Point 5: The fact that “Prosperity Packages” have been in “distribution” lately only means that those programs have now “matured” and have access to International Accounts that are no longer under the control of the Central Banks and their felonious International “Distribution” Banks (i.e., the “lucky” seven). This is a legal investment program in the making for decades now and it is starting to pay out. There is nothing unusual about this program. If you invested in it, you are now receiving the benefits of your investment. It is an annuity program and does not “signal” the release of vast sums of money to the general public. This “NESARA” stuff coming out of these sites is deceptive and it is hurting the work that people like Neil, David, and Ben are attempting to do.

I think if the rest of us are willing to look at it what these people have exposed as a tremendously effective program of “Misdirection” and “Disinformation” perpetrated by the Cabal, we can make tremendous leaps forward. This situation is THE PERFECT EXAMPLE of what SaS has been attempting to show us! Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if American, Canadian, and European citizens actually acted on this information? This is irresponsible! Have these people no idea what might be the actual result of the ideas they are putting out there?

I see a pattern of “Misdirection” here. Nobody is listening to anything that SaS has said. While his writing is complex, we are talking about a very complex subject! He has spent an enormous amount of time and effort in trying to get us to see that the Cabal is getting ready to throw boulders into the paths of people like Neil Keenan in an attempt to block their progress. To me, this looks like one of those boulders! They’re probably thinking that if they can get just a little more time, they can figure out how to stop the inevitable—including what is going on spiritually. So, it’s quite possible that they’re attempting to enlist the unwitting participation of hapless millions who couldn’t figure out how to get out of their own way—in order to create some very ‘real’ civil unrest! Such civil unrest would stress the court system and tie up law suits for months to come!

Yes, rich people are finally bringing charges against the Bankster Crime Syndicates because they have determined that their original program of “controlled scarcity and poverty” was actually destroying all of their assets in the face of a new International Banking System and Currency Exchange. Nobody is trying to liberate the working stiff. Can you hear me? That’s us! You and me! The rich are just trying to stop the avalanche of destruction they started and the horrible hemorrhaging its causing all of their mirror accounts! They’re running out of cash and are just trying to buy more time to see if they can get their New World Order back on track again.

Several “Max Keiser” and “Lauren Lyster” interviews over the past several months—two of which I’ve recently posted—demonstrate a growing “Blowback” against the Bankster Syndicated Crime Families and that “Blowback” is coming from other rich people who are tired of getting robbed by these total criminals. The Cabal is trying to put all of the pieces back in the box. Believe me, there isn’t any “noble” cause going on here. The gradual increase in prosecutorial activity, the sentencing of middle level “wildcat” management that just lost control of their own avarice is simply the Oligarchs clamping down on the incompetents within their midst. No justice has yet been distributed to us, the “little guy,” and I don’t believe you will see any change in the way BUSINESS is conducted in this country until that happens.

Neil has been telling us that these so-called prosperity funds do not exist and that the wealth, once it has been afforded the “financial conduits” necessary to be released, is destined for controlled programs of infrastructure improvement. They’re not going to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars in our pockets! They’re going to make the markets “free” once again and they’re going to use their financial power to get the corruption out of the Financial Markets, the banks, and the Government but all of this is going to take MONTHS if not years!

As I see it, one more time, people are buying into a lot of wishful thinking. Just like the “disclosure” stories this past summer, a continuation of this happy garbage is going to result in a lot of disappointment which will send MILLIONS of minds into despair—which is, of course, EXACTLY what the Cabal is attempting to do!

No, it looks to me like the world is not awake just yet. Too many people are not listening to wise men like Drunvalo. They are instead—and once again—swallowing the fairytales of self-appointed “Intelligence Experts,” “Psychic Channelers,” and “Theologians” who actually believe that they’ve got some kind of an exclusive grasp of the Truth and stand between that TRUTH and the rest of us.

Friends, family, there is only one mediator between the Sovereign Integral—that’s us—and The ONE, and that is his or her own sense of being! Please, bite the bullet, do your own inner work, clear your traumas so that the pathway to your heart is open, and listen to your own inner voice! Your heart will never, ever lie to you!


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9 Responses to Is the “One People’s Public Trust” disinfo?

  1. queenvictrola says:

    Thank You Jean! TOPPT rang like a fairytale to me from the off. Heather was right about one thing though, the one thing the cabal is more afraid of than disclosure actually happening is when we ALL come together demanding our rights, no exceptions. Disillusionment and disappointment are going to amp out as time goes by as many once-believers descend into deeper depression and inaction—either that, or totally flip out into fairyland getting high on fairy dust. I like the thought of responsibility in action. We all must take it if we want to see any real changes. If we all did that together, yeah, we’d manifest what we want.

  2. Reblogged this on All About 2012 and commented:
    Time will tell… Drake certainly believes it to be disinfo. Of course, a year ago, he didn’t even know what NESARA was…

  3. rose day says:

    Your spot on comments highlight the importance of discernment when wading through the mountain of
    info currently available on just about every subject under the sun.

    In an attempt to learn more about ‘One People’s Public Trust’ with both mind and heart I would like to share an instinctive take on the subject.

    On the AK (American Kabuki) site featuring the e-mails with OPPT’s Heather Tucci-Jarraf, I was left with the impression that the Trust is first and foremost committed to the concept that all endeavors ‘by the people’ must have firm legal grounding.

    I also caught the drift that Tucci-Jaraff is of the opinion that if individuals could recognize and honor the inherent power within, then the expectation that some outside force would miraculously appear to ‘save the day’ would no longer be the ‘end all’ for trials and tribulations.

    I know nothing of OPPT outside of the AK transcription and yes, this could be another scam, but the preceding concepts are personally resonant.

    Jean, I truly believe that many of us are ‘reading from the same book’…we just might all be on different pages.

    Thanks for always being willing to ‘put it out there’.

    Rose Day

  4. Susan McElroy says:

    From the first, this has all had the ring of salvation religion to me. I didn’t believe it when my pastor blathered about it, nor do I believe it when AK blathers about it. Look to your families, your work, your backyard if you have one, your city park if you don’t, and find your salvation in the tender preciousness of your own life.

    • mrtwist says:

      Why would you have a pastor if you don’t believe in a savior? The interview with Heather was about legal filings under the Uniform Commercial Code. How you see that as “Savior Religion” is almost the strangest thing I’ve read in a while. Well, except for someone who doesn’t believe in a savior referring to her pastor. I read the AK articles and none of it read like “blather” to me but hey, I can follow conversation pretty well.

  5. pbpdcitmsj says:

    I find Drunvalo to be a savior figure for Jean, so her take is a bit odd, is it not? Sure seems like it. How many things has he predicted that haven’t happened? LOTS. Yet she tends to hang on his every word. . . .

    The apologists for the evils of capitalism from within lightworker ranks is troublesome. “Just pull yourself up by your own bootstraps! Don’t expect miracles!” What?! Isn’t this all about expecting — and yes, demanding — spiritual and physical liberation? Miracles in the face of overwhelming odds? A freedom from Financial Tyranny?

    Why is it so preposterous to demand enough money to eat and house oneself from the child-sacrificing, psychopathic trillionaires who think they own all of us, and the planet? Aren’t they being removed from power anyway? Then what is the problem, exactly?

    We must take back everything they’ve stolen and give it to the people who are homeless and starving first, and then work our way up. That’s divine justice, imo. That’s the only way to right the material and ego imbalances that plague us as a species. All must be treated as equals and have our basic needs met, so we can get on with doing what we came here to do, which is elevate the vibrational energy of the planet, in whatever fashion that calling presents itself. We didn’t incarnate here to work part-time, minimum wage, service industry jobs so we can keep paying our internet bill to read blogs. You can’t focus on ushering in a Golden Age when you don’t have food and shelter, and all the misery that comes from the billions who don’t have access surely creates a heavier vibrational drag than that which MAY come from POTENTIAL disappointment for a few hundred thousand lightworkers (or even a few million).

    If nothing major is happening, then why is Obama cracking cynical jokes (accidentally?) about maintaining his presidency for four more years?

    Why are they openly discussing paying off the debt with a platinum, trillion dollar coins, honestly, in the highest levels of government? Not a joke. It’s Constitutionally legal. It can be done. Will they do it?

    The curtain is being pulled back and we are being told to sit down, shut up and keep being a happy slave, by many of the same folks who want us to “ascend” and “be freemen”! Laughable.

  6. mrtwist says:

    Drunvalo and Gordon 🙂 ….. I honestly can’t see how something done legally in the UCC can be viewed as a salvation religion. Now, believing everything a “guru” says can be seen as such. Obviously Jean either did not follow the interview or she could not comprehend it and searched for the first article from someone else who didn’t, either so she could post it on her disinfo site.

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    Is the “One People’s Public Trust” disinfo?

  8. Peace Warrior says:

    Something smells and feels rotten here, and I am beginning to disengage myself from these blogs.

    Firstly, anyone who places drumvalo as the all seeing, all knowing sage makes me question their integrity, specifically when there is information about him being a fraud. Not to mention his high fees being charged for “saving” humanity. Everyone is entitled to make a living, but come on!

    Secondly, anyone who boasts about being the financial, political and Spiritual expert makes me question them. If one places an opinion that deviates from their created gospel, watch out, as they will ignore you, ridicule you and try to suppress you. They will ask for concrete evidence that they do not or can’t provide themselves, to substantiate their own arguments. Sound familiar?

    Lastly, they utilize the same tactics to divide and conquer, as the ones who have controlled the masses for eons, without giving any real or valid explanations. They just, right out dismiss any conflicting info without valid explanations, aside from regurgitating the same catchy spiritual phrases that will appeal to the Truth Seekers, Spiritually Aware folks.

    All in all, after following all these blogs, my stomach is beginning to churn, and that is, unequivocally and without a doubt, a solid sign that something is wrong, and I should be seeking my own truth.

    Please do not buy into others’ gospels. U still do not know if the One People’s Trust is real, yet I keep an open mind, knowing the truth will surface. For now, I observe and try to do the best I can to assist in every possible way.

    Please use discernment, and Blessings to All!

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