How governmental policies can and do shred the social fabric and cause widespread suffering

Got a good tip yesterday from Cynthia, who lives about an hour north of Indianapolis. Here’s the email she sent:

Reuters has an interesting series back in December:
On income inequality in the US.
The irony is not lost on me that Thomson Reuters is a part of the global financial system.
But I guess their reporters are still somewhat ethical professionals.
I’m hopping mad. Plus they focused on Indiana for some of it. I feel like asking permission to print it all off and then mail it to the expletive deleted persons who say they represent me in the legislature.
I have to remember – regardless of their appearance, they too have an element of the Divine within. Hard to see how though.

I have just started to plough through this series. Not really surprising to this “conspiracy theorist,” but the extent and detailed examination of the political causes of the ongoing dismemberment of the middle class are eyeopening.


The federal government has emerged as one of the most potent factors behind the rise in income inequality in the United States – especially in the nation’s capital. Income is increasingly being redistributed up, not just down, through tax cuts and to a growing upper class of contractors, lobbyists and lawyers.


The American welfare state is bigger than ever, but so are the ranks of the poor. As the U.S. focuses on those deemed most worthy, millions of adults get squeezed. That is clear in Indiana, which has seen a surge in poverty. READ MORE

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