The “Irradia” Couple: Want to get lost in a rabbit hole? Try this one on for size.

I found this video first on Kerry’s blog on project camelot and actually watched the whole thing (almost an hour) while lying in bed early this morning. The translation is obviously awful. (Plus, what was being said during those long sentences when there was no translation?) And yet I found myself as fascinated as Kerry Cassidy obviously is. She plans to interview them.

Later this morning I googled “irradia” and what came up first was on a project avalon forum, put up by “ann444.” Scrolling down, I found a couple of interesting comments about this couple, including several from ann444 herself, who apparently, became suspicious. Like this one:

They clearly have left Russia and live in Langley, Va. Today they have several you tube videos that are CIA recruiting videos, like this one: So disappointed in this. Swerdlow claims to be psychic so should not have been conned by them. If you picked up some clues from your understanding of Russian, would like to hear them. Yes, the photos can be eaily faked. Here is their facebook page for those who may not have found it:!/s…rradia?fref=ts
I posted a question on the facebook page, “What is your relationship to MKUltra?”. As a response, they requested a private conversation, but do not respond to my private messages.

But wait a minute! I looked at the supposed CIA recruiting video that ann444 mentions and don’t see where the irradia couple is associated with it . . .

In any case, it’s always a good thing to question one’s long-held, cherished beliefs, like this one: Radiation Is Always Bad For You. Is it? And could one of Irradia’s central claims, that one’s attitude toward radiation in part determines its effects on you, have merit?


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  1. I watched the video also, and while I was skeptical, I was also inclined to think perhaps, just perhaps, there is something to this. Is this what is implied by the notion that we have moved into an age where we are to awaken to our true powers – that our bodies are now being subjected to more radiation which will lead to our developing metaphysical powers? I want to know if they have incarnated here to help us wake up to new potentials, and to quiet the hopelessness we (I anyway) feel when I consider how toxic we are making our world. Perhaps our bodies may actually make good use of this accelerated radiation.

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