“One People’s Trust” and trust in people, starting with ourselves

imgres-1For more on the “One People’s Trust,” check out americankabuki, who is keeping abreast of this story as one of its principal conduits.

While I appreciate that this development might actually mean that money starts to rain down on at least those who need it most from above, I’d much rather focus personally on cultivating an attitude of gratitude, since that single internal shift helps open our hearts to receive the abundance that is naturally rushing through — not just from the “outside” but from the “inside”! Each of our bodies is — or can become, if we dissolve the blockages created by fear — a conduit for an infinite fountain of chi, ki, qi, energy, whatever you want to call the Love that powers the universe.

Gratitude and generosity go hand in hand, they flow together in an expanding feedback loop. Imagine the whole world feeling grateful for what is, the whole world opening arms to embrace abundance, and, flowing from that same taichi movement, openly, generously, sharing it with others.

We are blind if we think abundance begins with money.

You Can Send Questions to The One People’s Public Trust

We’ve decided to make the questions and answers a very transparent process.

We won’t be doing a town hall type meeting online as others have done, as that spends a lot of time in idle chat rather than productive transfer of vital information. I don’t want to put you through 2 hours of audio to get 15 minutes worth of information. We don’t care to get our egos stroked, all of humanity created this moment.


What we would like you to do is submit any questions you have to the One People’s Public Trust (TOPPT) to the following email address: TOPPTQUESTIONS@GMAIL.COM.


We’ll answer every question we can with what we know, or rather Heather will. The format will be that Brian reads the question and she answers it, and any follow thoughts Brian or I have will follow the answered question.

Heather has been extraordinarily upfront with Brian and me. This will be an iterative process, we’ll keep doing the interviews until we get a pretty good database of questions and answers that others can go to who come along later. Questions that are duplicates will simply be merged. We won’t go back over previous ground as we will make it part of the public record. Sincere questions only please.

The only calvary that is coming is you the people. You are the one you have been waiting for. We are in a different age and its started with a bang! What Heather has done is set the legal framework for returning the governments back to the people along with the assets taken from them surreptitiously. It also provides the legal framework for the military to follow its constitutional mandate about enemies foreign and domestic.

We just completed the first interview which included some very good questions from all of you. D. from Removing the Shackles participated in the first portion with us until other responsibilities took her away. Kauilapele is doing the audio editing as I have my hands full with another project. I will turn the audio into a multi-part Youtube video and I imagine KP will create some MP3s too. GO VIRAL WITH THIS! I hope to have it online in 24-36 hours. I’d also like our volunteer transcriptionists to contact me if they will be available to get a transcription to me after that time frame. You know who you are. We need to have a text copy that can be translated into other languages. The world is watching.

Please read Sheldan Nidle’s post today. I didn’t know what it was going to say in advance. I just knew that in the coming weeks we’d see some very important information come from him based on what Brian, Kauilapele and I have been given since December 26th. There are no coincidences, especially so since 12/21. Sheldan is the real deal.

POOF still doesn’t want his interview posted. I have the legal right to post it, and I haven’t decided what to do in that regard. Its almost superfluous now, but its an important point in history. I will await higher guidance in that regard as to posting it or not. Its not a decision I have to make today.


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