Yep, here we go. The latest End of World scenario, right on the heels of the last one


Drawing of killer asteroid and alien, asteroid has sign that says earth or bust Blanket the earth with a protective layer of trampolines.

Give away a big stuffed animal to the first person to successfully Shoot The Asteroid!

Use nuclear weapons to destroy the earth in a preemptive strike.

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Well, well, wouldn’t cha know. Just after I say that I won’t ever publish stories about impending asteroid crashes, I see one by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today. It makes me waver. Should I? But I still think not. Here it is however, if you want to pursue.

Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013

Hmmm. This reminds me of the famous remark by Carol Rosin, from her mentor Werner von Braun, re: predicted changing justifications for the weaponization of space: first it’s commies, then terrorists, then asteroids, then ETs.

So will this be an opportunity to drag out some kind of futuristic weapon that they’ve back-engineered from ET craft and had in storage for decades, to blast that asteroid out of possible impact on Earth? NASA as hero?

According to Duff, the asteroid is supposed to either hit or not hit in February. That gives us one month to prepare. Let’s try a thought experiment. What if you knew that in one month the world would end? (Remind you of other times in this millennium, starting with Y2K and ending with 12.21.12?) What would you do to prepare?

Why do we keep imagining the worst-case scenario? Is it because we need to find a way to blast ourselves out of our day-to-day materialistic dystopic myopia? If so, it doesn’t seem to be working. Or is it?

Does thinking that you will die in one month change the way you live? The way you think? Does it help you let go of whatever is not all that important?

A friend of mine, whose mother had died two days earlier, said to me in anguish: “I didn’t realize how much I loved my mother until she lay dying.”

Let’s not let that happen.

And then, if we make it through this next End-of-World scenario intact, let’s keep what we’ve learned about the primacy, indeed the intense, sweet ubiquity of Love, the sea of love that we are all immersed in; yes, let’s keep that knowing, that sensing, that feeling close to us. Let us continue to open, so that we may breathe it in, and out, like a vast bellows echoing through space and time into eternity.

Yes. Let’s remember not to forget that we are all beautiful, unique expressions of the One Love, ever again. Ever.

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