Yeaa! or Phooey! (take your pick) We’re All Still Here!

Song starts at 1.41.

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About Laurell:
Billboard Magazine called Laurell, “an ethereal poet with a talent for writing contagious hooks”. She is a critically acclaimed, gold record selling recording artist and songwriter whose songs have charted on 3 continents.
The dance song, “We’re All Still Here” is a great example of Laurell Eden’s fabulous sense of humor and her “talent for writing contagious pop songs” as Billboard Magazine put it. Laurell is a critically acclaimed recording artist, songwriter and producer from New York City. She’s earned a gold record, a #1 dance single and top-ten singles in Canada. Her songs have charted on three continents. Billboard Magazine also called her, “an ethereal poet”.
Laurell is also a teacher of personal and spiritual development, using music to convey spiritual concepts. Music is the language of the soul, communicating love beyond words. Songs created with a purity of heart can lift and transform us in a profound way. She especially loves writing and singing funny songs that can get us to laugh at painful or scary situations, helping us to move beyond them. “We’re All Still Here”, a song about how we all survive 2012, exemplifies this
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  1. isis2012 says:

    Yeaa! or Phooey! … I really like that and I actually did lol … and I guess it would depend on what way of life a person might be cheering for …

    With all the 2012 Armageddon terrors behind us, I consider that mainstream/humanity have made it farther this time in this “millennium theatrical show case” than any sinister elite had thought, and sinister elites could not execute events twiddling down the count of mainstream humanity to the few whom they could yet keep asleep … but now that their copycat version of their written script and cast illusions presenting their play-out of the end of days are over, I would consider it’s now time for the “Real End of Days” to please stand up.

    Partying is good .. dance, drink responsibly and enjoy life, noting is wrong with that … but don’t revert to those old negative habits quite yet! … skip the orgies, don’t take that bundle of cash from you bosses safe, I know he don’t deserve it but geeeze stealing is wrong .. and don’t forget to Love and care for one another within our means … earth changes are still happening …

    Because being that this time around they could not stop the planetary gearing from advancing the terra-forming-transformation shift of it’s mantle plates, nor could they stop the acceleration process of the core’s mass, meaning earthquakes and volcanoes activities will increase in activity. This being so … I consider a new dawn of Divine assistance and deliverance of mainstream/humanity has come … because their failures also means they could not stop the Mother Earth’s Positive frequency Harvest Shift nor the Positive Light rapture ascension …

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