2012: bad stuff that didn’t materialize

I had noticed most of these predictions beforehand, and had pointed to some of them . . . That the Olympics went off without a hitch was especially a relief. As was the fact that that old destroyer, the U.S.S. Enterprise, was not blown up as a false flag. Oh yeah, and then there’s the elections. Jury still out on Obama, but the alternative was unthinkable.

One thing I have consistently refused to publicize: all the comets and other celestial bodies that are supposedly headed smack dab into Earth.

As we enter 23012 — Michael Dunn reflects on 2012

December 31, 2012



I find disappointed cynicism a depressing bore. It tempts me nonetheless. Hope and optimism require energy, and here at year’s end – a year in which we did not (apparently) ascend, a year in which the global financial reset did not (apparently) take place, a year in which, if the cabal fell, they fell quietly behind the scenes and forgot to fire their chemtrail pilots before they were carted off to the Central Sun, and a year in which, if Disclosure happened, they did it in such a discreet fashion that no one noticed – yes, at this year’s end one can feel too weary to summon the energy of hope. How easy, then, to retreat to the fallback of sardonic dismissal, and to choose as one’s New Year resolution a firm decision never to be seduced into believing again in the possibility of meaningful change.

But that, of course, is not the real story. Not, at least, for me.

It’s cold in Los Angeles this morning, but the sky is a deliciously clear blue, and yes, the sun does seem to be shining more brightly by the day. The divine still makes Her presence known to me by the usual sweet unmistakeable signs, and I find myself thinking of the very bad things that did not happen. This may seem a backwards way of counting one’s blessings – to count the absence of curses. But it’s a start anyway, and is certainly more fun – for now at least – than the sardonic thing.

So, herewith, a list of the very bad things that could easily have happened, things that some seriously misbehaving and conscienceless souls in positions of great power were working very hard to make happen, and which were prevented by the work of other souls who found it worthwhile to believe in a better future for humanity:

  • Despite the best efforts of Karl Rove and Co., despite hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate money (abetted by illegal funds from Israel), and despite a reportedly foolproof tampering with the electronic voting machines, the Romney/Netanyahu ticket was not victorious in the American election. Believe what you will of Barack Obama, there is no denying that he firmly and publicly set his face against the fanatical march to war with Iran (which would lead inevitably to a wider global conflict). Thank you to the intrepid hackers of Anonymous!
  • According to the doomsayers, by this time we were all to have been carted off to FEMA camps in the wake of a cabal-engineered total financial collapse, ruled over by a newly mustachioed ÜberFürher Obama. So far, so good…
  • A 911-scale false flag event, widely predicted by alt-media sources, such as the destruction of the outdated carrier U.S.S. Enterpise in the Persian Gulf, or the explosion of a nuclear weapon during the London Olympic Games, did not take place, even as stepped-up efforts to take down the cabal began to be widely observed (Keenan lawsuit, BRICS alliance, 600 banker resignations, etc.).
  • Niburu (whatever that was supposed to be exactly) did not come blundering into our orbit, spelling the end of civilization.
  • A Carrington Event-class X-flare or CME did not return us to the Stone Age, and the satellite grid continues to make cell phones, the internet, and global electronic banking possible.
  • Tsunamis, megaquakes, and phony alien invasions – all featured as highly likely 2012 catastrophes to be triggered by Team Dark – did not occur, and our planet continues to somehow manage to survive as a living (if badly wounded) conscious being of dazzling variety.
  • The fundamentalist/cabal coup that was actively planned (according to Veterans Today) did not take place, being successfully thwarted by military elements loyal to the Commander-in-Chief, preventing an agenda of a massive false flag event acccompanied by multiple assassinations of high-ranking officials, and the appointment of a dictator cabal puppet (Petraeus was to be approached for this role). For evidence that the White House took this seriously, see the unprecedented WH press release warning of insider threats of violence against the nation and the government.
  • Avowed enemies of the cabal continue to make public progess against their agenda, exposing secrets that were once known only to the smallest circle of financial/political/bloodline super-elite. God bless, protect, and preserve David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Neil Keenan, and those who help them.

Oh, there I go, straying into actual good news, instead of merely recounting bad things that didn’t happen. Having buoyed my spirits by this review of non-occurring nightmares, I find myself once again easing into my accustomed place of hopeful optimism, the place from which dreams may manifest into reality.

May you also find your way past the easy fallback of bored cynicism – unless you like it there! – and may you have a blessedly peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Om Shanti,


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