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For the next four days . . .

. . . I will be mostly off-line, playing with my sons and grandkids. Today, we make a snow fort in the front yard. Meanwhile, here are two more from Laurel. First, a possibly very serious piece. I saw this … Continue reading

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Satire: Oh Holy Night, Oh Sanctimonious Night!

Sorry. Couldn’t resist! It reminds me of the abominable versions of “Happy Birthday” that I sing to my sons and grandkids, when each of their special days arrives. A couple of my siblings are also fated to receive this “gift.” … Continue reading

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NYT Opinion piece: Ted Turner’s gift, 15 years ago, of 1 billion dollars, changed the culture of philanthropy

Or did it? Check out the comments to this piece to see how strings attached to great gifts skew the direction of both research and charity, and make people and programs dependent on what might not be there next year. … Continue reading

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Rebecca Solnit, on the state of our world: “A lot of it is on a small scale, but if you connect the pieces you get a big picture of the possible, the hopeful, and the powerful”.

This is a wonderful overview of various environmental issues that activists are tackling all over the world. It’s also refreshingly philosophical, noting that “paradises are always partial.” “Paradise is overrated. We dream of the cessation of misery, but who really … Continue reading

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What is “agro-ecology” and why do we need it now?

As appropriate for a blog called “exopermaculture,” concerns with transformations in food, energy, shelter, community, spiritual sustenance, and a return to our communion with the cosmos are ongoing as we cross the threshold into 2013, still well within the 2012-2015 … Continue reading

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Another, much more compassionate, approach to “evil”

I cannot help but think that this way of working with situations that are difficult for all concerned helps to re-balance the world again, over and over, rather than trigger the spiral into destruction. Thanks, Bill! I was recently told … Continue reading

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Good News: a farmer’s creativity both “solves” his “problem” and builds conviviality

Here’s a story from Terre Haute reprinted in today’s local Herald-Times that I really appreciate, since it cross-hatches two crucially valuable trends: community awareness and bonding through ritual and local polyculture farming. WOW! Volunteers help western Indiana family move cattle … Continue reading

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Cleaning my desk. Just found this again. My totally favorite quotation.

Can’t remember where this came from, but here it is on a pink slip of paper printed with “While you were out” and “Urgent.” (Kind of hilarious, given the nature of the quote.) At least ten years later, I continually … Continue reading

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