“Wake the fu*k up and start loving each other again.”

We’ve always known this, and we need to start saying it, every chance we get, starting during these final days of 2012, inside the cocooned darkness of the holy season when Walmart sells out of guns; when murder and mayhem spew venom into families, neighbors and communities; when armed revolt is in the air.

This video claims that the fastest (and really, the only) way to “beat the cabal” is to let go of fear and sink into the ocean of consciousness.

The universe is not matter, but consciousness. Consciousness fills and fuels the illusion of matter.

No need for guns. No need for violence. Arms are not for offence or defense; arms are for hugging, holding, caring. “Wake the fu*k up” and feel/hear/sense/taste/touch/dream/envision the new world in which love, not greed, is the currency.

No lack. Only abundance. More and more love.

In saying this, the authors are not being sentimental, but scientific, proving that emotion codes DNA. The more loving the vibration, the higher the frequency, the more DNA codes switch on, the more expanded the mind and heart, the more interactive, multidimensional and joyous our experience.

Remember that wonderful phrase, “Expect Miracles”?

All it takes is a tiny, critical mass — 3%? 5%? — to kickstart the planet into a new frequency. Let’s go.


Thanks to Laurel!

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  1. AWESOME!! This post hits the proverbial “nail on the head” and yes I say, let’s kickstart that new frequency and all ‘tune in’ to the ‘love channel’. It is amazing how that one shift will set off a domino effect of positive change. Love and Light to you! 🙂

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