The Connecticut Massacre as Teaching Tool: Break on through to the other side!

The Connecticut Massacre has gotten so many of us turning skeptical so fast that it’s transforming into a huge teaching tool via alternative internet media, a sadly belated education for those who still don’t, or prefer not to grok the intense, longterm perfidy behind all the public and heavily publicized events designed to create fear and chaos and bring in the police state.

The endless wars that all start with false flags. 911. The “anthrax attacks.” The assasinations starting with Kennedy in 1963 and the myriad multiple “shootings” in public arenas — always supposedly by “lone nuts” . . .

That the shootings have been coming so thick and fast this year; and that this one in bucolic, “safe” Connecticut killed so many schoolchildren, seems to have startled even many of those who prefer to remain asleep and hypnotized by the sanctimonious drone of MSM television hosts.

And yet, even so, unfortunately, so far, by and large the public is focusing exactly as intended, on gun control and mental health. Way too narrow a focus, and likely to backfire, if we wish to preserve (or rekindle) both our individual freedom and our social fabric.

Here are two posts, on techniques of collective mind control, that situate the Connecticut Massacre in a very clear, glaring light. Only as we become aware of what’s being done to us, can we rise up and break through to the other side.

Operation Sandy: Mass Trauma-Based Mind Manipulation

How the Connecticut Massacre Became a Mind-Control Television Event

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