More reverberations from the latest Sandy . . . Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

So what are we to make about the name “Sandy” in common with both terrifically destructive events? An “odd coincidence” . . .

Speaking of which: I’m of two minds regarding the Connecticut Massacre. On the one hand, I want to help expose the likelihood that this was another psyop designed to foment fear so that the public demands not only “gun control” but all the other clampdowns of an increasingly fascist state; on the other hand I want to share my and others’ commentaries on this and other horrific tragedies as reflections of the violent society that we have allowed ourselves to become and to seek ways to transform fear into love.

Here are some stories that buttress the first state of mind:

• Anything that Jon Rappoport writes in the past few days on his blog. He has pointed out the violent and suicidal tendencies traceable to psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs; plus noticed that the author of the new movie,” The Hunger Games,” lives near the targeted school, and how that parallels the new Batman movie at the heart of the Aurora Colorado shooting — and other strange coincidences. Also check out Mike Adams posts in the past few days.

• Zen Gardner, a number of posts as well. Here’s the latest, of interest to those who seek to place current events publicized by the MSM in a wider perspective:

The Awakening Nears Critical Mass


We’ve raised awareness of multiple false flag scenarios from micro nukes to virus seeding to staged so-called “lone gunman” rampages like this latest child butchering. They make them more and more horrific to push the unconscious public over the edge, as in the 9/11 mega ritual.

They’re desperate.

And we’re on to them. We know about and track their weather warfare moves. We’re well aware of their insidious mind control tricks. We’ve unraveled their phony education, political, financial and media scams.

We’ve tracked and identified in great detail the fascist takeover and implementation of the police state. We’ve exposed the banking and corporate whores, and their poisoning of our air, water and food supplies. And such activism is working.


• Two other interesting connect-the-dot possibilites:

Libor scandal grows as the fathers of two mass murderers were to testify


In the wake of the mass murders that took place in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14, information on the shooter, and his family, is slowly being discovered by law enforcement other sources. One interesting connection to the tragedy that took place at the Sandy Hook school is that the father of Adam Lanza has a connection to the theater shootings that took place in Aurora earlier this year by James Holmes.

Both fathers of the shooters were allegedly expected to testify in the Libor scandal that rocked the banking world in June.

The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal. The London Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested.


Also interesting, in terms of the mind control connection: Nancy Lanza worked for DARPA (CIA). Please note that the source for this “intel” is apparently the notorious disinfo agent Sorcha Faal of

In any case, whatever the particular dots that connect here, from the moment I heard about the Sandy Hook School shooting, let me repeat: I felt that this was one more “problem/reaction/response” scenario designed by the PTW (powers that were) to ramp up fear and increase voluntary compliance for police state control.

For a primer on problem/reaction/response, see this:

I’ll collect and comment on posts that reflect my second “state of mind,” that which seeks to understand all violence as a reflection of our violent society and to seek ways to heal, in another post later this afternoon.

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  1. laurabruno says:

    Also of interest is that both Aurora and Sandy Hook are explicitly shown in the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises movie: … I didn’t watch the movie myself, but I found this youtube video that shows both the towns. “Accidental” odds of this????

  2. Maurice Horn says:

    Montana UFO’s by Joan Bird

  3. Cabal’s Symbols, Right In Our Faces Again!


    …..Don’t buy into fear; we are immortal flames of consciousness. But, on the visceral-chemical level fear can be a positive when it serves to wake us up, pull us out of our comfort zone, and build our backbone of new courage to confront our demons. Now here’s the thing, both “Sandy Hook” and “Aurora” are shown in the Batman movie. The occultists are, at their core, very sick orchestrators that get off with in-your-face symbolism. This violence is being orchestrated from very elite, high secretive levels by occult agencies.

    Just reverse engineer the movie down to the microseconds of who did what in editing and why. Both “Sandy Hook” and “Aurora” are clearly being shown in the Batman movie, Dark Night Rises”. Bring in for questioning those that seem linked to decision making for the final edit of the released movie. Who edited the exact screen shots for the movie and why? Who made the choice to show the Aurora building and the Map of Sandy Hook in the movie? This is is not rocket science!

    I am not into numerology beyond Numerology for Dummies…. about right level to figure out this next clue concerning today (tonight 12-17-2012) and again on the premiere day of May 17, 2013.
    I found a message indeed: indulge me:

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