Do you live in southcentral Indiana? Here’s an invitation to one local 12.21.12 celebration

Remember my sitting around with friends in a beautiful little log cabin in a remote area of Brown County talking about Sasquatch and such? That was one week ago. Here’s the result. Plans now finalized. This invitation just in from my friend Steve, who is a Sundancer with Native Americans, and with whom I’ve done ceremonies of various kinds over the years.

If you live in southcentral Indiana, you might be tempted to join us at a Sunrise Ceremony on 12.21.12 out in the boondocks near Nashville on a giant stone-riddled ridge sacred to Native Americans and, legend has it, ancient civilizations before that. See below for a summertime video that shows the place and the stones. In winter, we should be able to see far. We plan to trek to the top at early light so that we can watch the sun rise from the ridge as we begin our ceremony of celebration in concert with thousands? millions? of others at sacred sites worldwide.

Let us pray that we humans all over this precious Mother Earth synchronize our hearts with the increasing vibrational awareness of our communion with all that is.

Celebrate Harmonic Convergence Fri. Dec 21

Where: Browning Mountain, The most sacred location in this area to the Native Americans
When: at Sunrise (rendezvous details at the end of this email)
What: Create a circumpolar rainbow bridge around the Earth.
Who: Everyone (all are included in the rainbow!)
Why? To generate a world-wide telepathic wave of love that encompasses the whole Earth and all sentient beings, creating an interdimensional bridge and opening to a new world reality…
How? Through a rolling wave of synchronized global meditations, we can connect our collective mind and electromagnetic field with that of the Earth.
Join us in spreading the rainbow bridge meditation and image to as many people as possible as a sign of world peace, healing and happiness for all. Everyone is included in the rainbow.
The ceremony will start with Drumming and a procession to the top of Browning Mountain. We will then proceed with Native American Pipe Ceremony at the top of Browning Mountain to honor the Native America spirits. After the Pipe Ceremony there will be rainbow mediation and a short open forum. The complete ceremony will probably take about one hour.
Take 135 South from Us 46 (about 2 miles east of Nashville , bring flash lights)
Meet at Stonehead House at approx. 6:30 am to car pool. Stonehead is located about ½ south of Van Burien School where 135 intersects Bellsville Pile and 135 takes a sharp right.
7:00 am sharp, leave Stonehead together
7:30 Arrive at Browning Mt and start procession to top. (It will have begun to get light by then)
8:03 Sunrise, start Pipe ceremony
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  1. Marcia.Wade says:

    Love the rolling wave of rainbow bridges bathing the Earth in Love. Will share this with my mailing list. Thank you for passing it on.

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