Ommigod! Mass shooting at Connecticut school, at least 27 dead, 18 of them children

Update, same evening: See Mike Adams’ and Jon Rappoport‘s initial takes on this latest tragedy.

Killed “execution style,” shooter was a 24-year-old parent.

It used to be that mass shootings in the United Corporation of Amerika came within months. This past summer it was weeks (Aurora theater in Colorado and Sikh temple in Wisconsin). Now we count the days. Only three days after Tuesday’s shooting in the Portland Mall, this tragedy was much more “successful” — in terms of numbers killed — to instill fear and rev up cries for gun control and police state “protection.”

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Newtown, Connecticut Administrators, Students Among Victims, Reports Say

Please. If you have not yet informed yourself on mind control techniques to create Manchurian Candidates and their use in black ops, do. Beginning with the assasination of JFK just over 49 years ago, all or most of these “lone wolf” shooters are most likely mind controlled dupes. ref=dp_image_0Check out, for example, Cathy O’Brien,’s “Trance Formation of America,” her book documenting her mind-controlled childhood and young adulthood. She’s also on youtube.

The first time I read that book I couldn’t believe it. Just too horrible. Nobody could be that evil. Then I met and shared two meals with Fred Burks of at the 2010 UFO Congress. Here’s his presentation on Mind Control at that Congress, well worth watching all the way through, no matter how disturbing. Fred knows how to help us absorb the impossible while inspiring us to reach our highest potential.

Only as we wake up to what is being shoved down our throats can we refuse it and remember. Yes. Let us re-member who we really are. Let us put ourselves back together again as homo sapiens: man the wise!

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  1. Susan McElroy says:

    For at least 20 children in Newtown, and 20 fathers and mothers, the world DID end today…

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