Morning of Day 3 of 12 days of Christmas, 2012: Corbett, Keenan, Dentist, Prius, right/left brain, and atmospherics!

imgres-5This morning, after reading a bunch of stuff online while eating breakfast, for the first time I decided to listen to an entire 45 minutes of last night’s Corbett Report while doing my yoga/chikung/taichi routine. A part of me resented this insertion of left brain info and analysis into my utterly essential (for balance and peace of mind) right-brain physical exercise. But I knew that left brain wouldn’t be disappointed and so decided to do it once. Just once!

If you have the time, I suggest that you too, pay attention to the Corbett Report. From the current Report #271, at least listen/watch the part on global secession movements world wide (from minute 15 to 23: he likes the idea, knows that decentralization of power on all levels is key, but wonders about tactics and strategy), to his view of the Egyptian situation (min 23 – 32: increasing chance of Muslim theocracy, if constitution adopted), and his final take on the current state of Iran/Israel, the U.S., etc. on deception and hypocrisy of all matters nuclear (32-42: sanctions on Iran currently supported by leaked faked documents, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Energy. His source: Corbett turned his attention to Syria in the last few minutes, but my left brain was too wiped, or is it swiped? — to absorb all the intricacies of who’s who and who’s really supporting who, etc. in that little geopolitical hotspot.

What strikes me about the Corbett Report is how deeply “sourced” is this one man in terms of the way he seems to be able to see behind MSM news headlines to fathom what’s really going on re: the cabal’s continuing machinations.

But, I ask myself, why did I choose to fill my left brain like that, especially so early in the morning during my sacred routines, and especially during these special 12 days when, like many people I know and many thousands (millions?) I don’t know, are viewing and living within a sort of dreamscape, attuning to the increasing light and love vibrations that yes, DO seem to be simultaneously raining down upon and welling up within us.

Just yesterday, for example, two incidents that felt completely natural at the time and yet were a step up in frequency level from previous encounters:

1. At the dentist office, at my suggestion, both the dentist and his receptionist wife and I start to talk (and laugh) about me as an “impatient” rather than a “patient,” and he ends up talking about his teenage kids while my mouth is pried open and his fingers meticulously scraping plaque. Somehow, yesterday, the three of us moved beyond “professionalism,” what has governed our behavior since I made my first appointment after moving here, back in 2003. On the other hand, the fact that he handed me that remarkable little book about the little known philosopher Russell Walter during my last appointment in August primed the pump. Before we got started yesterday, I casually asked him for his email address, said I had some stuff he might want to look at. He seemed noncommittal. Then, one hour later, as I was leaving, he handed me his card with tiny handwritten email address on the back.

2. Downtown afterwards, to pick up some tickets for local production of The Wizard of Oz, for during the week after Christmas son Sean and family are here from Massachusetts: I’m walking back to my car, and see the car’s lights on. Huh? Maybe it’s just reflected light? I walk on, closer and closer, yes, no, yes, no! Not reflected light! How could the lights be on? By that time I was so close to the car that I saw a woman in the front seat. Oops. Not my black Prius! She was looking at me, perhaps had been watching my incredulous face the whole time? In any case, I spontaneously walked up to the window as she rolled it down, both of us laughing our heads off.

Just now I see a tiny little bright red bird alight on bare branches outside. Take it’s picture? Ooops . . . gone.

Meanwhile, on this third day of twelve, the atmosphere feels effervescent, like champagne. Even after watching the Corbett Report and all the evil machinations he is privy to. So grateful to Corbett for the daily, level-headed, hard-nosed and soft-hearted service he performs. Should I decide to watch/listen to that much straight “news” every day it will certainly be his.

Oh, and here’s another 3D report that may see behind the scenes, not sure, put out by jhaines blog this morning. Jean Haines is another one who tries very hard to keep on top of what’s happening, especially in the global financial world, and to share it with us. Again, grateful!

I suggest both reading her comments and watching the video, as it summarizes a lot of financial history and possible current status of change-over to asset-backed global currencies, with Neil Keenan.

The Changing of the Guard Video

Oh wow, there I go again, shifting from right brain to left brain by just mentioning Keenan and this possible new financial development. And yet, and yet. Somehow, the left brain is now encased within the right brain. No longer just its partner, with the corpus collosum as permeable barrier, but truly: right brain, at least in my right brain imagination, holds the hungry-for-information left brain as a tiny child in its mother’s protective arms.

So. Grateful for compassionate watchers, like James Corbett and Jean Haines, who make it their business to keep us all informed. And even more grateful for the scintillating, sun-filled energy field that holds us all in its embrace, with nourishing Earth its foundation, endless sky its reach, and our hearts, all our hearts, YES!, together beating the drum of Oneness, whether or not we know it.

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