NEW! from Matt Taibbi: how the world banking system is rigged

Thank the gods and goddesses for Democracy Now, Rolling Stone, and Matt Taibbi!



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  1. Maybe in a few days this will all be moot as we awaken one morning fully enlightened in our new 4 and 5 D states, but in the meantime it does seem that our Federal Government appears to be in a convoluted conflict of interest in holding one of its financial partners, HSBC, accountable (charging a penalty of 5% the profits earned in money laundering, and no one goes to jail — oh the humanity…the agony of it all… he says). The conflict of interest being: our Government appears on every level, historically and militarily as being “the” major facilitator of the drug trade. Why?

    • I think at least a part of the funds are funneled into the secret space program (including ET/UFO cover-up, back-engineered space craft, etc.) Other stuff comes to mind that needs big-time funding: underground bases? mind control programs? Who knows how big the CIA really is, or the TSA, other alphabet agencies, and especially anything having to do with burgeoning “security” concerns.. How funds available for blackmail, bribery, for all sorts of reasons . . .

      • I remember a quote from “Exposing U.S. Government Policies On Extraterrestrial Life: The Challenge of Exopolitics”, Michael E. Sallas or perhaps “Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence”, Michael E. Sallas where he states that Federal Laws were forced, (intimidated?) pressured into Congress by the CIA …. for “National Security” that the US Government can not have a comprehensive computer system that reports every penny collected and where it’s spent. There’s a law on the books prohibiting open accounting. Trillions go missing every year according to Dr. Sallas, who was successfully financially tracking them back in the 80’s. This has to be curtailed sooner or later.

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