12.13.12: New Moon in Sagittarius, plus Uranus turns to go direct!


Sagittarius glyph: the archer, a centaur, like Chiron, the healer. He flies his arrow to the sky, asking that it curve out beyond the known horizon.

Here’s what I wrote in my “12 days of Christmas” overview about today, the second day of this series:

“12.13.12: New Moon at 21°45 of truth-seeking, philosophical Sagittarius. We seek a larger understanding, one which can encompass more of reality.

imgres-3“Plus, on this New Moon day, explosive, revolutionary Uranus, at 4° of pioneering Aries, turns, to go into direct motion, after moving retrograde since July 2012. All brakes are off. Full steam ahead. BTW: Uranus will trigger the 8-9° yod which is central during this entire 12 day period by March and April, 2013, when it finally hits 8° Aries, squaring Pluto (for the third time) and inconjuncting Saturn to form what I call a “triangle of continuous growth.””

On a personal level, all day yesterday, the first day of the series, I was weighing the idea of publishing a piece that I wrote more than 20 years ago and yet, in my view, having just reread it, is still, unfortunately, relevant!

And I think I will post it on this blog, as a pdf. Why not? I’ll do it sometime today (done! see this), on the second day of the series, with the New Moon, which happens to fall exactly on the Ascendant of my natal chart, at 21°45 Sagittarius! And that unpredictable, out-of-left-field Uranus? Well, it sits at 4° Aries, exactly on the bottom point of my chart, shaking up the foundations of my life, as it has been doing for a few years now. My response to the presence of Uranus has been to welcome it by inviting a number of individuals to live in my house, one at a time, for a few weeks to nearly a year. Their presence shakes up the foundations of my tendency to rigidity during this “advanced” time of my life when I’m about to enter my eighth decade! (I turn 70 on December 19th.)

The events and significance ascribed to the story which I wrote up in the piece I will post later today were written first in 1989; they occurred so long ago that it’s as if the whole scenario happened to someone else. Which makes it even more amazing to me that I still consider what the piece portends relevant. To me, it just goes to show that whatever we go through, we are tiny drops in an ocean that carries us all in massive currents towards far shores of which we have no knowledge. All we can do is trust.

I marvel at how our bodies really do shed skins of old patterns as we psychologically morph from people who project their “stuff,” creating drama after drama, into people who are whole, integrated, and centered; fully alive, aware, and at one with the ever flowing dance of phenomena.

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