On the Astrology of This Year’s Epochal “12 Days of Christmas”: 12.12.12 – 12.23.12

Large-ImageNote: this is an astrological post, but you don’t have to know astrology to grok it. Just flow along with the words, no matter how “foreign,” and I promise, you’ll get what you need!

Before I present my own astrological ruminations on this fabled end-time in his-story, let’s first recall a few other astrologers’ points of view.

Barbara Hand Clow focuses specifically on the remarkable synchronicity between the ending of the Mayan Calendar (whether as she and Johan Callemann believe, October 28, 2011, or the more popular version, December 21, 2012, made famous by Jose Arguelles) and the rare and extremely potent ongoing revolutionary/transformational Uranus/Pluto square that lights up exactly seven times during the years 2012-2015.

Eric Francis focuses specifically on the December 21, 2012 date, and notices that the asteroid Juno is conjunct the Sun as it crosses the Solstice Point at 0° Capricorn. He then draws out a very provocative interpreation of this seemingly insignificant conjunction as the actual foundation for the kind of shift humanity must undergo as it sails into the next Mayan epoch. Out of duality, into oneness, via one’s primary relationship — to oneself.

Finally, a December 9th post by Cobra (lots in it, worth reading) —

Day of the Contact: 12.21.2012

— alerted me to the fact that some astrologers have noticed an interesting yod forming between slow-moving Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn during the days leading up to the Winter Solstice cum End of Mayan Calendar, and which is, BTW, on that very date, not only near exactness but triggered! — by fast-moving Venus opposite Jupiter.

Finally, many people, no doubt some of them also astrologers, are looking at the 12.12.12 date as the beginning of a nine-day run-up to the 12.21.12 date. Certainly the forming yod is one indication that this is a promising way to view this whole unfolding period of time.

What I would like to do here is to show that nine-day period specifically as an astrological process, by focusing first on salient points of the astrology of 12.12.12, then on the relevant configurations that occur during the nine-day run up to 12.21.12, and then finally, to point out that this fabled process really doesn’t end there, but winds down over the next few days, as Venus rotates out of its triggering action with the more stable yod. So let’s call it a 12-day period. A very special “12 days of Christmas” for 2012.

In essence, one might view these 12 days as one long, musical phrase, with internal punctuation points, which I locate especially on 12.13.12 (New Moon), 12.18-12.19 (the Sun conjunct Galactic Center), and 12.21.12 itself, with its gradual three day denouement through 12/23.

So, to begin:


Noticeable first because it’s the final date with a repeating number of our lifetimes! Looking at the astrology of that day, at 12.12 pm we see the Moon has just crossed the point where Venus will be on the upcoming 12.21.12 date, and opposing Jupiter which is moving retrograde as it heads into the yod with Saturn and Pluto. Also, on that day, Venus conjuncts the north node of the Moon at 25° Scorpio, a North Node position that will remain through the end of December. Venus/North Node Scorpio: passion, intensity, deep deep feelings of either “love” or “hate” that tend to get stuck and obsessive. Scorpio North Node: the need to feel fully while at the same time letting go of attachment. I.e: the power of Love overcomes the love of Power.

Female Moon crossing the future triggering point of Female Venus: we are being called to experience this climactic period in his-story not just as a rational analytic, goal-oriented process, but as a process which is full of feeling, and very very female, receptive, in orientation. i.e., we are to surrender to this process, rather than attempt to guide or master it. For this 12-day period of time both expresses and is symbolic of the switchover, when humanity lets go of patriarchal, hierarchical modes of power and domination and surrenders to cosmic communion.


New beginning: New Moon at 21°45 of truth-seeking, philosophical Sagittarius. We begin by seeking a larger understanding, one which can encompass ever more of reality. Plus, on this day, explosive, revolutionary Uranus, at 4° of pioneering Aries, turns, to go into direct motion, after moving retrograde since July 13, 2012. All brakes are off. Full steam ahead.

BTW: Uranus will trigger the 8-9° yod degree area which defines this entire 12 day period by March and April, 2013, when it finally hits 8° Aries again, squaring Pluto (for the third time) and inconjuncting Saturn to form what I call a “triangle of continuous growth.”


Venus enters Sagittarius. The planet of love moves out of the realm of stuck passion, attracted to the freedom of higher understanding

12.18.12– 12.19.12:

Sun crosses the 27° Galactic Center, which it does every year over this two-day period. Yes, it receives energy from the GC every year during this time, just prior to the most sacred, hushed, still seasonal moment, Winter Solstice, when our beloved Sun finally reverses course and begins to light up more of each day. Yes, I repeat, it’s just prior to the Winter Solstice moment, when the glowing orb that warms and lights and fuels the life of our tiny planet makes a direct hook-up with the central core of the entire Milky Way galaxy.


Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter Yod, triggered by Venus. Though I could have described the yod earlier, since it has been forming over all of these storied days, I describe it now, when it moves into precision on this day and over the next two days, while at the same time Venus triggers the yod by opposing Jupiter, and making semi-sextile (30°) aspects to Saturn and Pluto as they hover with Jupiter in an isoceles triangle yod within 8-9° of their respective signs.

So, what is this yod? What is any yod, for that matter?

I have four yods in my own chart, so you’d think I’d be able to talk coherently about it. Nope! Here’s what another astrologer has to say about this subject:

“The Yod, an unusual and uncommon astrological configuration, is an isoceles triangle formed by two planets sextile (sixty degrees from) each other and both quincunx (one-hundred-fifty degrees from) a third, Fulcrum planet. It is also called, “The Finger of God,” or “The Eye of God,” and presents a puzzle to the person who has it. Having a Yod in your chart means you have been chosen for some special purpose. This presents a heavenly puzzle, for you may not know what your special purpose is, and have to trust in fate that you will fulfill it, even if you never figure out what it is.

“The fundamental force of the Yod is one of the five major aspects called the quincunx (which is also called an “inconjunction”). This is an angle of 150-degrees, one sign short of an opposition, and one sign past a trine. Being thirty degrees short of an opposition and thirty degrees too long to be a trine, the energy here doesn’t quite know what to do with itself, and can result in the subject feeling out of control from time to time. Or, it feels like things are beyond the subject’s control. The quincunx is a quirky, awkward aspect and uses up a lot of energy. All that energy has nowhere to go, if there are no meaningful aspects to any other celestial points. The Finger of God gives all that energy a purpose, a “place to go.” There is a fateful resonance to the quincunx, and it is said to be capricious and dangerous when involved in a transit.

“As mentioned above, when one planet is quincunx two other planets that are sextile each other, an elongated triangle called a Yod is formed. With a double quincunx, you can see why fate and a special purpose are involved in the analysis of the Yod. In keeping with the quirkiness of the quincunx, in some cases the subject may not ever figure out what this purpose is, and may fulfill it unbeknownst to her or himself! This is part of the experience of having a special purpose.

“Part of the Yod dynamic is the Activation Point, the point directly opposite the Fulcrum, or Foot of the Yod. The Activation Point can be an impediment or an enhancement, depending on the overall configuration. For example, if Uranus is on the Activation Point, the soul’s special purpose will be disrupted, and/or may be fulfilled spontaneously without warning. If Neptune is on the Activation Point, there will be deep awareness of, and desire for, fulfillment of some idealistic goal such as the desire to do something for all mankind. Author, Joan Kellogg, in her excellent book, The Yod: Its Esoteric Meaning, calls the interaction of the Yod Fulcrum with its Activation Point the “Axis of Awareness.” The Yod is complex and difficult to delineate, but well worth the effort. It is the highest honor to assist the Yod bearer in his or her life journey and voyage of self-discovery.”

The activating point, as we know, for this Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter yod, is female Venus. Planet of love, value, and, guess what? MONEY!

The yod itself connects expansive, airy philosophical Jupiter in Gemini which seeks endless ideas and information as it awkwardly inconjuncts (150°) both Saturn and Pluto, both strict task-masters, and themselves in “mutual reception,” i.e., in each other’s sign! Structural, controlling rule-bound Saturn in the deeply feeling sign of Scorpio, rules Capricorn and primal, death/rebirth, transformational Pluto, in the structural sign of Capricorn, rules Scorpio! Thus the Saturn/Pluto resonance during this period is stronger than usual, since their mutually harmonious sextile (60°) relationship forges a partnership between the inexorable unearthing of deeply hidden corrupted power (Pluto) and the buried feelings connected to that corruption, and a slow-moving, but steady and beneficial ordering (Saturn) of this unearthing process. I think here of the South African Apartheid, defined as a “crime against humanity” with legal structures formed to both call the criminals to account and to syphon off the dangerously repressed feelings associated with long-term systematic racial injustice. We may see the same here, in regards to the 1% banksters and the cabal.

If so, I wouldn’t be surprised if this “tribunal” or “international court” got rolling in a sudden strong manner beginning in March/April, 2013, when Uranus for the third time moves to exact square with Pluto, this time while inconjuncting Saturn. The forces of r/evolution, of the explosion of individualistic populist energy once again, rise up against the overbearing, overweening plutocracy, as well as strain against the Saturnian laws as they currently exist, demanding that they change to accommodate the r/evolution.

We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

This whole essay leads up to the often-asked and answered question: will our “Ascension” be sudden or gradual?

Well, folks, I’d say gradual, with sudden punctuation points that either seem to shift the nature of what is happening or open it up in a breathtaking manner. Not just one huge explosive beat of a drum, but a long drawn out, exciting and sonorous musical phrase that will drag us all into its spell and help us learn how to flock like birds, school like fish, herd like animals — but not unconsciously, not like addictive, distractive, couch-potato idiots, but like Sagittarian philosophers, who have seen our Galactic Center’s higher calling of a more expanded manner of viewing the world and our own place in it, who have recognized that all men and all women and all children and animals and plants and planets and solar systems and galaxies exist as equals, each one a autonomous, deeply connected and sounding member of a vast universal harmony that weaves us all into unity while we refract into millions of different colorations that our own unique natures sing out joyfully, their own melody, their own contrapuntal resonance with this vast symphonic whole.

Each a cell in a larger body, each body a concatenation of cells. All one. All together now. No end to it. And no beginning. The cycles repeat and repeat and repeat, as we are now beginning to be so highly aware.

Time is not linear, it does not start in one place and end abruptly in another. We are not “born” and we do not “die” — though we certainly do “change form” shimmying and shimmering all over the place, like eels, or little kids, like streaks of color and sound.

Deeply female, this magnificence we are a’comin’ into. I am reminded of Molly Bloom, her soliquoy at the end of the novel, “Ulysses.” How Molly seduces her man. How the female in each of us will seduce the male in each of us. How full we will feel. How whole.

“…I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under theMoorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes. “

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